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    Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles, CA

    The dedicated and compassionate Los Angeles divorce attorneys at the Land Legal Group understand that not all marriages work out until death do you part. Unfortunately, extenuating circumstances require obtaining an attorney to protect your rights during a divorce, or to help you reconcile your accounts during marriage dissolution.

    Our offices are comprised of caring, honest, and accepting Los Angeles divorce lawyers who know that divorce — even if it is a combined choice — is a tough time in anyone’s life.

    Los Angeles Divorce Attorney

    Our Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers Are Here to Help

    That is why we offer comfort and compassion while going to bat for our clients throughout the complete divorce process to pursue what is rightfully yours once your marriage ends.

    We match each client with a divorce attorney who is accomplished in marriage dissolution law. Joseph Land will provide a consultation to help you under the processes, and to determine whether your divorce is contested or uncontested.

    Our Los Angeles divorce lawyers will advise you of your rights while providing personal attention to your case from the moment we make contact until the last piece of paperwork is signed.

    What Are the Most Common Causes of Divorce in Los Angeles?

    At the Land Legal Group, our experienced Los Angeles divorce attorney understands that all marriages are unique, and so are the reasons couples can no longer make them work together.

    While many marriages may end for the same types of reasons, only you and your spouse can determine when it is time to contact a divorce lawyer near you to learn more about your options.

    Some of the most common causes of divorce may include, but are not limited to:

    • Controlling behavior
    • Differing money management styles and/or financial trouble
    • Domestic violence
    • Drug or alcohol dependency
    • Extreme conflicts and/or consistent arguing
    • Gambling or other compulsions
    • Health problems
    • Infidelity and extramarital affairs
    • Lack of commitment or support within the marriage
    • Lack of marital support from family members
    • Marrying too young
    • Religious differences

    Divorce is a deeply personal journey and requires the assistance and guidance of an experienced divorce attorney to ensure your rights are protected throughout the process. Our experience and compassion allow our top-rated Los Angeles divorce law firm to customize your legal solutions, so you can get everything you deserve to move forward with your life with confidence.

    Is There a Difference Between a Divorce Attorney for Women and a Divorce Attorney for Men?

    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys work tirelessly for all our clients, no matter how they identify their genders.

    If there were a difference between a divorce attorney for women and a divorce attorney for men, it would only be the divorcing person’s preference and who they prefer to communicate with. Since divorce is a highly personal affair, some men may feel more comfortable talking with a male attorney or women may feel more comfortable talking to another woman.

    What Are the Different Types of Divorce in Los Angeles, California?

    At the Land Legal Group, our divorce lawyers understand that the different types of divorce — and which divorce process you pursue — are just as unique as your marriage and its reasons for dissolution.

    Since no two relationships are the same, the types of divorce in California differ too, and may include:

    • No-Fault Divorce
    • Contested Divorce
    • Uncontested Divorce
    • Simplified Divorce, also called Summary Dissolution
    • Divorce Mediation
    • Collaborative Divorce

    No-Fault Divorce Lawyers in Los Angeles, California

    A no-fault divorce is exactly like it sounds: No one must show evidence that the other did something wrong to warrant the divorce. They may simply list that the grounds for their divorce is irreconcilable differences.

    No-fault Divorce Lawyer

    Contested Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles, California

    By definition, a contested divorce is one where there is a disagreement or conflict between the spouses, which typically means they cannot, or will not, agree on the details of their divorce on their own or through mediation, which means they may end up settling the points at trial.

    Uncontested Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles, California

    An uncontested divorce is reached when both spouses mutually agree on each aspect of their marriage’s dissolution, including the division of property, financial issues, child custody, child visitation, and other important issues that may be unique to their marriage.

    Although uncontested divorces are typically quicker, simpler, and less expensive than a contested divorce, our divorce attorney still recommends consulting with a lawyer to review the details of your agreement and the final contract to ensure your rights are protected through the finalization of the petition.

    Divorce Mediation Lawyers in Los Angeles, California

    One common divorce strategy is mediation, which can yield results with the help of a moderator.

    In these types of divorce cases, the two sides work together with a third-party to overcome any differences outside of court by working through disagreements over property division, child custody and parenting plans, and financial support details.

    This is a non-binding, voluntary process, and both parties must agree to the terms.

    Divorce Mediation Lawyers

    Collaborative Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles, California

    Collaborative divorce works best for spouses who are willing to cooperate throughout the complete process. Collaborative divorce is designed to resolve disputes in a respectful, amicable manner, and are less combative than traditional divorces.

    During the process, each spouse will retain an experienced divorce lawyer in Los Angeles who will come together to reach a fair agreement that is mutually acceptable to both parties.

    Once the divorce details are outlined, both parties will sign a participation agreement, and their lawyers will draft a formal agreement that finalizes the process.

    However, if at any point in the process one or both of the parties terminates the process, their collaborative attorneys cannot continue to represent them in the litigation process.

    Limited Divorce Lawyers in Los Angeles, California

    A limited divorce is much like a legal separation and gives the couple time to arrange their property division, child custody, and financial issues.

    The couple cannot live together during a limited divorce process, but they remain married.

    Our lawyers will provide the guidance you need to understand the difference between being legally separated and seeking a limited divorce, so you can make informed decisions about your future.

    Simplified Divorce or Summary Dissolution Lawyers in Los Angeles, California

    Summary Dissolution and Simplified Divorce are the same thing and can be used interchangeably.

    Several factors must be true before couples may choose a simplified divorce, including:

    • Couples must file jointly under the no-fault ground of irreconcilable differences.
    • Divorce papers cannot be filed unless one or both spouses have lived in California for a minimum of six months, with at least one spouse a resident of the county they are filing in for at least three months
    • The marriage cannot have lasted for more than five years
    • The spouses may not share children, either biologically or through adoption during the marriage, nor can one spouse become pregnant at the time of the filing
    • The spouses cannot own real property together or owe more than $6,000 in joint debt since they married, excluding car loans
    • Their community property cannot exceed $40,000, nor can either party have separate property worth more than $40,000
    • Both must agree that neither will receive spousal support,

    When couples agree to a summary dissolution, it will be up to each of them to represent themselves in court.

    Even though you cannot have a lawyer present during the proceedings, it is worthwhile to consult with a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles to ensure your rights are protected and you understand what you are entitled to before you sign the paperwork required by the courts.

    What Are the Details that are Considered During Divorce in California?

    Since each relationship and divorce type is unique, so are the details that are considering during the legal process.

    Some details may not apply to all marriages, but the most common details spouses must decide on — or go to trial and let the judge decide for them — may include, but are not limited to:

    • Property Division
    • Asset and Debt Division
    • Child Custody
    • Child Support
    • Spousal Support

    If you have questions about your unique divorce circumstances, contact our Los Angeles divorce lawyer to learn about your rights and how we can help you pursue the best outcome available for your unique case.

    Do Not Believe Everything People Say About Their Divorces

    Your divorced friends or family members may have lots of advice for you when divorce is on the horizon. While it is important to have a strong support system during difficult times like divorce, they may provide misleading advice that does not apply to your unique circumstances.

    Every divorce has a different set of issues and must be approached in a way that is specific to your needs. Our Los Angeles divorce attorneys will provide the advice you need to face your unique divorce with confidence, no matter how complex the process is.

    Real-Time Solutions for Our California Divorce Clients

    All divorces and the details therein are important and must be handled by an experienced divorce lawyer who can provide real-time solutions that fit each client’s unique needs.

    Our goal is to provide timely solutions for spouses who are ready to move forward with their lives and put their marriage behind them, by pursuing the best outcome available for each person we represent. We understand that the sooner your divorce is finalized, the quicker you can start your life over again and make decisions that fit the new you — starting now.

    If you are considering divorce or have questions about what divorce would look like for you financially or for your children’s futures, contact an experienced divorce attorney near you today.

    Real Time Solutions For Our Divorce Clients

    Partnering with a Los Angeles Divorce Attorney Known for His Compassion & Integrity

    The Los Angeles divorce attorney at Land Legal Group understand that no matter the reason for you and your partner’s split, and no matter how much you agree or disagree, this is an incredibly tough time for both of you.

    Each attorney and staff member in our law firm is compassionate, honest, and straight-forward, providing personal attention and integrity that combines to support our dedicated legal strategies that produce results for each of our client’s unique needs.

    It is important to our divorce attorneys that you are treated with respect during this process, especially by the opposing party. We demand your spouse be honest about their actions and disclosures, so no detail is left to chance throughout our case. We are on your side, from beginning to end, and take pride in the results our divorce lawyers provide for our clients.

    At Land Legal Group, our family law firm in Los Angeles, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

    Call Our Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers Today at Land Legal Group to Discuss Your Options

    When you and your partner are splitting up, it is important to know that you have options. No matter whose idea the divorce is, they are not the sole owner of the rights to your relationship, its assets, or your children. Allow our Los Angeles divorce lawyers to explain your rights, so you can keep them as your primary focus during this difficult time.

    Contact our experienced Los Angeles family law attorneys at the Land Legal Group today at 310-552-3500 to discuss your rights as one half of marriage dissolution or divorce to ensure that no one takes advantage of you during the process.

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    Frequently Asked Questions for our Los Angeles Divorce Lawyers

    No. California is a no-fault state, which means neither spouse must prove the other did something wrong to file for divorce.

    No. Spouses can live separately but remain married in California through a legal separation. Many couples choose this avenue when they must remain married for religious, personal, or financial reasons, or for the sake of the children.

    While you may pursue a divorce on your own in California, the details can become complex without notice, which can leave you worried about your future. When you have an experienced divorce lawyer near you throughout the process, your rights will remain protected from beginning to end, while we pursue the best outcome available for your unique circumstances.

    Divorce requires couples to make difficult decisions about their futures. If you are considering divorce, talk to an experienced divorce lawyer in Los Angeles to learn how divorce is going to affect your finances, your children, and your future, so you are not making an impulsive decision. Then, gather your financial records and any details about your marriage that may be helpful during our investigation, so you can see the bigger picture at the beginning of your case.

    Yes, you can request a name change as part of your divorce proceedings.

    The length of a divorce case can vary widely depending on factors such as the complexity of the case and the willingness of the parties to cooperate. In California, the minimum waiting period for a divorce to be finalized is six months.

    It is possible to reach a settlement outside of court through mediation or other methods, but if a settlement cannot be reached, the case will likely need to go to court.

    In California, 401(k) and other retirement accounts earned or contributed to during marriage are generally considered community property, which means that they are subject to division between spouses in a divorce. However, the division of these assets is typically done equitably rather than equally. This means that the court will consider various factors such as the length of the marriage, each spouse’s earning capacity, and the overall value of the community property to determine an equitable division. In some cases, a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO) may be necessary to divide a 401(k) or other retirement account.

    Finding a divorce lawyer in Los Angeles requires a strategic approach. Start by seeking recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have navigated similar situations. Explore online legal directories and review sites for insights into lawyers’ reputations. Bar associations and local law firms’ websites can be valuable resources. Look for a lawyer with expertise in family law, excellent communication skills, and a track record of success.

    A conflict of interest in a divorce refers to a situation in which a person, typically a divorce lawyer, has competing professional or personal obligations or interests that could compromise their ability to provide impartial and undivided loyalty to a client. In the context of divorce cases, conflicts of interest can arise when an attorney’s obligations to one party conflict with their duties to another party involved in the same case. These conflicts can potentially impact the fairness and effectiveness of legal representation.

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