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Category Archives: Blog

Is An Ex Parte Right For My Case?

By Land Legal Group |

A lot of people ask me about getting in front of the judge as quick as possible for their legal issue. This is especially prevalent in custody cases. Depending on the judge who your case is assigned to it would make more or less sense to file for emergency orders. In California litigants may… Read More »

The Social Worker’s Investigation – What to do?

By Land Legal Group |

In many highly litigious family law cases involving custody you may inevitably be visited by a Department of Children and Family Services social worker who has the task of investigating your family for some sort of abuse or neglect. Of course there does not need to be a family law matter for a DCFS… Read More »

Can You Drug Test the Opposing Party?

By Land Legal Group |

It seems like every other call I get has some sort of relationship to drugs and/or drug abuse by the opposing party. Dealing with allegations of drug abuse is a significant part of my dependency court practice however it is also very prevalent in my family law practice as well. I am asked frequently if… Read More »

How Important is the Judge in my Case? Can I Change the Judge?

By Land Legal Group |

I’m often asked how important the Judicial Officer is in a Family Law or Dependency Law proceeding. It could be the most important non-factual part of your case. In a Family Law case you are given an assignment of which Judicial Officer will hear your matter when you first file. Under the California Code… Read More »

Visitation Rights of Non-Parents

By Land Legal Group |

Even if you aren’t a parent of a minor, you may be able to petition the court for visitation of the minor. One example of this falls under California Family Code Section 3102(a), which gives a non-parent the right to visit if one natural parent of the child is deceased. If either parent of… Read More »

Five Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Filing for Divorce

By Land Legal Group |

Many of the calls I receive from prospective clients from people who are considering a divorce or legal separation but haven’t yet made up their mind.  If this resonates with you, consider asking yourself the following questions before filing: 1. Do you still love your spouse? If a client is unsure about whether to… Read More »

Domestic Violence and Child Custody

By Land Legal Group |

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND CHILD CUSTODY If you have been a victim of domestic violence by your spouse, mother, or father of your children and you want to seek full custody, Family Code Section 3044 applies. §3044 Presumption against persons perpetrating domestic violence (a)    Upon a finding by the court that a party seeking custody… Read More »

Getting a Domestic Violence Restraining Order

By Land Legal Group |

Domestic Violence Restraining Orders are something that I work with every day in my practice.  I am often asked by people what the process is for obtaining a Domestic Violence Restraining Order through family court.  The following is a step by step procedure that you can use to obtain your Domestic Violence Restraining Order. … Read More »

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