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    Fathers’ Rights Lawyer Los Angeles

    Protecting fathers’ rights is important to Land Legal Group, as our Los Angeles Fathers Rights Attorneys believe both parents play an integral role in raising a child.

    Our Los Angeles fathers’ rights attorney at our family law firm focuses on the complete picture of father and child relationships, whether the debate begins with establishing paternity, divorce, or custody cases and parenting plans. We believe in fathers’ rights and that their involvement in their children’s lives is integral to each party’s success.

    As Los Angeles fathers struggle with splitting their children’s time with mothers who typically receive primary custody, it is important that each dad knows that his dads’ rights provide the best legal avenue available for them to play a significant role in their child’s life by getting the time they deserve to be the role model they strive to be.

    Fathers play an essential role in their children’s successes, and our committed Los Angeles Fathers Rights lawyer will provide the representation you need to ensure your privileges as a dad are not impeded at any time. You deserve to spend time with your kids. We can help you get there by enforcing the fathers’ rights Los Angeles affords you, starting now.

    Fathers’ Rights Lawyer Los Angeles

    Do You Need A Los Angeles Fathers Rights Attorney?

    We provide consultations to fathers who are inquiring about how to create a better life for their child or want to be involved in their lives.  Our Los Angeles Fathers Rights Lawyer understands that dads’ rights can be a mystery to most and that everyone’s circumstances differ. For these reasons, we give our undivided attention to each of our cases in order to provide a fast and fair resolution to our clients’ questions and concerns.

    As a father, you have numerous obligations when it comes to supporting your child. You also have the right to contribute to their upbringing, and we can help you take the reins and legally enforce those rights.

    What are Fathers’ Rights?

    In Los Angeles and elsewhere in the nation, fathers’ rights are often overlooked after the initial paternity confirmation or divorce proceedings. The truth is, if the dad is not the primary custodian of the child, he is responsible for paying child support, and his rights are a direct result of that obligation. As a father, your rights are expansive and can include:

    • Blocking adoptions by another (Second husband, etc.)
    • Caregiving decisions & guidelines (Where and who can watch the child)
    • Extended visitation rights
    • Relocation by permission only
    • Rights to vacations, holidays, and school break blocks of time
    • Consistent scheduled contact
    • Traveling rights

    In the end, fathers’ rights exist to provide the best life possible for the child by allowing both parents to be involved in their child’s life.

    Finding a Fathers Rights Attorney in Los Angeles

    At Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles Fathers Rights Lawyer provide a dedicated and compassionate lawyer to discuss each case based on the information that is provided by the courts in the initial ruling of custody. Next, we delve into each parent’s role in the child’s life, and their outlined future participation.

    If you are paying child support and are denied visitation, scheduled contact, or communication or are simply not consulted on life-altering decisions that are made on behalf of your child, your rights as a father are being violated. Our committed Los Angeles fathers’ rights attorneys want to help you be the best dad you can be, and with your financial support comes the obligation of the mother and the courts to recognize your existence as a parent.

    Enforcing Fathers’ Rights Today

    Your child will benefit from a father who plays a committed role in his or her life. Whether you are divorced from the child’s mother or had very little relationship with her, to begin with, your child deserves that you play an active role in their life.

    At Land Legal Group, our family law firm in Los Angeles, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

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    Frequently Asked Questions for our Los Angeles Fathers’ Rights Lawyers

    Our fathers rights attorney Los Angeles assures our clients that they have the same rights to their children as the mother. There is no legal basis for discrimination of one gender over the other in child custody cases. This means, as a father, you may be awarded the same custody and timeshare as the mother, so both parents equally split the duties of raising their children. You also have the right to share legal custody, which gives you an equal say in important decisions regarding how the child is raised, including their education, medical needs, and religious upbringing. If you would like to pursue an equitable share of both legal and physical custody of your children in California, contact our fathers rights attorneys Los Angeles today to learn more about your legal rights and options.

    No. In fact, California state law expressly prohibits using sexual orientation as a factor when determining child custody between parents. If you believe your rights are being violated while pursuing custody of your children, contact our fathers rights lawyer Los Angeles today for help.

    Yes. However, it will depend on the circumstances associated with their relationship with their mother. If the mother is proven to be a significant danger to the child’s health and well-being, there is a possibility that her custody rights will be withheld, if or until she can provide a stable environment for the children. However, proving a parent is unfit requires more than allegations, or disapproval of her parenting style. Contact our fathers rights lawyers Los Angeles to discuss the evidence and legal requirements necessary to obtain sole custody of your children today.

    Your custody rights as a father in California are legally binding when they are agreed upon in a parenting plan or established by the family court. If the other parent is violating your legal or physical custody rights, contact our Los Angeles fathers rights attorneys today to learn how we can hold him or her in contempt of court, so you can re-establish your role in your children’s lives.

    Our Los Angeles Fathers Rights lawyer explains to each of our clients that when their former spouse, or the parent of their children, makes false claims regarding abuse, alcohol or drug use, or other unsafe circumstances, the court is allowed to impose a fine on the parent who knowingly made a false accusation. It is in your best interest to reach out to a reliable father’s rights attorney in Los Angeles to provide the insight and guidance you need to overcome these damaging claims.

    Obviously, unborn children cannot be transferred from one parent to another. However, your rights as a father are immediate upon the child’s birth. You have the right to seek custody and visitation orders, and can start the process early by partnering with our skilled Los Angeles Fathers Rights lawyers today, so you will be fully prepared to move forward and enforce your rights once the baby is born.

    If you believe you are the father of an unborn child, and you do not want the child to be adopted, you must act quickly to contest the adoption. These are very serious circumstances that may require both a DNA test – to prove you are the child’s father if you are not married to the mother – and an injunction to stop the adoption process. Contact our Los Angeles fathers rights attorney today to learn more about your rights and options to remain a part of your child’s life going forward.

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