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    Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer in Oxnard, California

    At the Land Legal Group, our grandparents’ rights lawyers in Oxnard understand the important role extended family plays in the lives of children throughout California. This is especially true when their grandchildren’s lives are negatively impacted by divorce, neglect, or other potentially hazardous conditions.

    Our Ventura County grandparents’ rights attorneys place the best interests of your grandkids first and can help you determine how your role in their lives helps them thrive, so your relationship and their well-being are the top priorities.

    Contact our Oxnard family law attorneys today to learn more.

    What Rights Do Grandparents Have to Their Grandchildren in California?

    At the Land Legal Group, our Oxnard grandparents’ rights attorneys know that our clients want to provide the love, support, and protection their grandchildren need to thrive, especially when they are not getting those important conditions at home.

    By law, grandparents are considered any mother or father of the biological parent of a child.

    Each grandparent, or grandparents, we represent has a unique set of circumstances that sets the legal pursuit of their grandkids in motion. This may include wanting to maintain a relationship with their grandkids when their child is no longer married to the other parent or is no longer in the picture because of varying circumstances.

    Legally pursuing grandparents’ rights may include, but are not limited to:

    • Maintaining contact through phone calls, text messages, emails, and/or online video communication.
    • Updated pictures, statuses, and other information regarding the child’s well-being.
    • Assuring the grandkids are properly cared for by the custodial parent.
    • Confirming the grandkids’ living conditions are free from abuse, drugs, and neglect.
    • Visitation rights, including potential overnight stays, weekend visits, and/or vacation travel.

    What Happens if the Other Parent Does Not Want Us in Our Grandchildren’s Lives?

    When parents divorce, or one parent is no longer involved in their kids’ lives, the custodial parent may choose to keep the children away from their extended maternal/paternal family members to ensure the kids are not subjected to negative talk or, worse, dangerous circumstances.

    If you believe the other parent is withholding the children from you, as grandparents, out of spite, you may pursue a legal remedy to gain access to your grandchildren. This will require evidence that your involvement in your grandchildren’s lives is in their best interests, despite your biological child’s involvement in their lives. We can help you establish that your relationship with your grandchildren meets the legal threshold that allows you to become a permanent part of their upbringing.

    Can Grandparents Gain Custody of Their Grandchildren in California?

    At the Land Legal Group, our experienced grandparents’ rights attorneys in California know that life can become difficult for parents for multiple reasons.

    When parents are knowingly — or unknowingly, in some circumstances — placing their children in danger, grandparents may seek custody of the children to provide a stable and safe home.

    Grandparents may pursue custody of their grandchildren in California when their parents’ ability to care for them is compromised by:

    • Abandonment or neglect.
    • Alcohol or substance abuse problems.
    • Death.
    • Deemed unfit to retain custody.
    • Domestic violence issues.
    • Imprisonment.
    • Mental illness.
    • Military deployment.

    Our grandparents’ rights lawyers in Oxnard know that multiple California laws can help or hinder their ability to gain custody of their grandkids. In some cases, parents may consent to the grandparents becoming the primary custodians of their grandchildren, when they know the decision will provide a better life for their kids. In other cases, if a child is placed in foster care by social workers or other county officials, the court must give custody preference to certain relatives, including grandparents.

    No matter your circumstances, our Oxnard grandparents’ rights attorneys will help you understand each of your legal rights and options to pursue consistent communication, visitation, or custody of your grandkids.

    Contact Our Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys in Oxnard, California Today for Help

    At the Land Legal Group, our Oxnard family law attorneys are dedicated to producing positive results for each of our client’s unique legal needs – including grandparents seeking relationships with their grandchildren. To learn more about how important your role is in your grandkids’ lives – both personally and legally – contact our skilled Ventura County grandparents’ rights attorneys today by calling (805) 696-2160 or contact us online to schedule a free case assessment.

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