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    Dependency Law Lawyer in Los Angeles, CA

    When children are inserted into the fray of legality in Los Angeles, either through dependency law, adoption or foster care, it is important that you have an attorney who specializes in family law and can ensure your rights are protected before the court.

    Land Legal Group in Los Angeles employs accomplished attorneys that are proficient in family law, and provides exceptional defense strategies in cases of dependency law, adoption, and foster care cases. The lawyers on our staff provide exemplary knowledge in their specialized field of concentration and deliver an experienced approach to countering claims of injustice in the family court system. Our objective is to understand your case completely, including any extenuating circumstances, and help you create the best approach to maximizing your rights in a court of law.

    Our Los Angeles Children’s Lawyer lawyers provide consultations to anyone who needs direction in their dependency law, adoption, or foster care cases. We understand that not everyone has the means to stand up for themselves in the court of law, and we want to help. We provide a fair and balanced approach to each case while delivering personal attention to our clients to ensure that they are comfortable with their position in the courtroom. We insist on a fast and fair resolution of your specific case, to help you and your family get back on the right track without delay.

    Knowledgeable Dependency Law Explained

    The Los Angeles attorneys at Land Legal Group take pride in defending clients who have had trouble raising their children — no matter the reason. Dependency Law is based on there being two parties involved in a dispute. The dependent, by law is someone who is under the care and support of an adult — who represents the second party.

    Dependency Law becomes a factor when children are removed from the supporter’s home by the state, due to allegations of abuse, neglect, drug use or abandonment — to name a few. The three steps to this scenario include:

    • Removal from the Home
    • Placement into a Safe Home, or Foster Care
    • Visitation Rights as Appointed by the Court

    If your child(ren) has been removed from your home, it is important to contact a lawyer at Land Legal Group to ensure that an attorney is by your side for the initial court date and throughout the entire process. Attorney accompaniment is imperative to the judge’s decision to keep the children in protective custody or return them to your home. Let us help tell your side of the story.

    Experienced Adoption or Foster Care Law

    The attorneys in our Los Angeles firm have a vast amount of experience in adoption and foster care law. We have helped hundreds of individuals become parents through the loving exploration of adoption. We have also helped a number of families place their unborn children with caring families who are emotionally, physically and financially excited to raise a child.

    Our attorneys will provide the following services while ensuring that all of your rights are protected as a result:

    • Emergency Foster Care
    • Foster Care Eligibility & Certification
    • Foster Care Placement
    • Open Adoption
    • Semi-traditional Adoption
    • Traditional Adoption

    We will help you interact with social workers properly, in the instance of foster care cases, and represent you to the letter of the law with honesty, integrity, and proficiency throughout your exploration of helping endangered children to pursue a better life.

    In addition, our adoption services provide a special approach to the law and deliver such joy to our firm. Helping individuals become parents and others place their bundle of joy with a loving and compassionate family is the highlight of our services.

    Land Legal Group, our law firm in Los Angeles, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

    Partnering with a Humanitarian Approach to Law

    In Los Angeles alone, there are a number of families struggling to ensure that they are able to care for their children with love and compassion while making a reliable income. The lawyers at Land Legal Group understand that sometimes the legal system has to step in to ensure the safety of the parents and children alike, which results in court appearances going forward.

    Whether you are experiencing the scales of justice because of dependency law, adoption, or foster care scenarios, it is important that you have a lawyer who understands your particular case — while providing an honest, compassionate, and reliable approach to your needs. Our firm prides itself on bearing the burden of the daunting experience by explaining the process to each of our clients thoroughly. We leave no question unanswered and are proud to represent the people of Los Angeles who truly need our help.

    Call Us Today and Become a Family Again

    Our Los Angeles dependency law attorney provides exemplary representation for parents who are working hard to be reunited with their children after they have been separated by the courts, as well as those who are seeking to become a foster care or adoptive parent. Our distinguished Los Angeles dependency attorney can help in each of these cases and will work with you, your family, and the additional parties involved in your dependency law case to provide the confidence you need to move in a positive direction.

    Contact our Los Angeles family law attorneys today at 310-552-3500 and let us help you with your dependency law case.

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