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Family Law Attorneys Los Angeles, California

Hiring a Los Angeles family law attorney requires investing in a partnership to understand your legal matter and goals when it comes to divorce, child custody or even spousal support, which is why the Los Angeles family law lawyer Joseph Land at Law Firm Land Legal Group is committed to your specific legal endeavors from beginning to end.

Our highly skilled and proficient Los Angeles family law lawyers are dedicated to upholding family law and delivering results for our clients at every turn. We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and committed to your cause, whether it is defending you against the horrid exposure of domestic abuse, or helping supply a better life for your children through a child custody hearing.

Our Los Angeles divorce lawyers will provide the legal counsel you with a free consultation to effectively understand your position for petitioning the courts for a resolution in a family-related legal matter, divorce, or even spousal support. Our overall objective is to deliver a smile to our clients’ faces when they exit the courtroom, knowing that our Los Angeles family law attorney Joseph Land has provided a quality defense on their behalf that enriches their life completely.

Get Personal Attention By Los Angeles Family Law Lawyers

Our Los Angeles Family Law lawyers will provide personal attention to your case and your individual circumstances throughout each area of family law. What’s more, our Los Angeles family law attorneys are adept in criminal law and personal injury as well, making us a formidable attorney contact, whenever you need help navigating the murky waters of the judicial system.

Our overall Los Angeles family law practice areas include, but are not limited to:

Family law can be broken into any of the above categories, and concentrated on from a legal perspective, once we understand your current circumstances to ensure we are providing you with the best Los Angeles family law attorney counsel going forward.

Divorce & Marriage Dissolution in Los Angeles, CA

Going through a divorce is one of the hardest times in your life. The process or getting divorced, or a dissolution of your marriage is the result of a couple deciding on the division of assets, debts, incomes, and supportive values going forward. Joseph Land is an experienced and accomplished Los Angeles family law attorney who will defend your position in the dissolution action with honesty and dedication.

It is absolutely imperative to us that our clients get everything that they are entitled to under the laws of California. Armed with the necessary knowledge of the marriage’s history and the circumstances for divorce, our Los Angeles family law attorneys are able to provide our clients with an exceptional and well-deserved outcome at the close of the proceedings.

The difference between divorce and marriage dissolution is simple: The latter is the result of a couple deciding on the division of assets, debts, incomes, and supportive values going forward, without the court’s involvement. Divorce is typically the result of each party remaining conflicted on their overall split and needing the court to interject with an opinion on who deserves what, which could include spousal support and child custody.

Experienced and Accomplished Los Angeles Family Law Attorney

Our experienced and accomplished Los Angeles family law lawyer Joseph Land will defend your position in the divorce with fervor and dedication. It is absolutely imperative to us that everyone is operating under the fairness of full disclosure regarding their finances and their physical and emotional states moving forward.

Armed with the necessary knowledge of the marriage’s history and the circumstances for divorce, our Los Angeles family law attorney is able to provide our clients with an exceptional outcome at the close of the proceedings.

What is the Difference Between Divorce & Marriage Dissolution?

In Los Angeles, marriage dissolution means that the couple is willing to work out the terms and conditions of their split without the court’s interference. This means that the couple is able to work out the following points of their division before they file the petition for separation:

  • Child Support
  • Division of Property
  • Parental Rights
  • Payment of Attorneys
  • Payments of Debts
  • Residential Parent
  • Spousal Support
  • Visitation

In addition, the couple must voluntarily trade information, but it is not unheard of to hire an evaluation party to determine the financial aspects of the marriage.

In Los Angeles, divorce works a little differently than marriage dissolution, which is why the Los Angeles divorce attorneys Joseph Land at Law Firm Land Legal Group are ready for anything when a couple decides to part ways.

Divorce is handled directly through the courts, with a petition filing for divorce being submitted to the courts right away. The couple is still expected to make decisions about the home, children and finances prior to filing, but usually, a divorce is the result of both parties disagreeing about who is getting what — including the children.

Does the Legal Process Work Differently with Domestic Partnerships?

In California, for virtually all aspects of the law, registered domestic partners are treated exactly the same as married couples in regard to community property, spousal support, and child support. However, there are a number of unresolved family law legal issues, including tax consequences, which do not apply to domestic partnerships. It is important to consult a Los Angeles family law lawyer Joseph Land and understand your rights before filing for dissolution.

The one way to combat any future court hearings in Los Angeles is by hiring our qualified and dedicated family law attorneys to draft a prenuptial agreement BEFORE you tie the knot with your loved one. Although we operate under the theory that you will live happily ever after, and may never need it, Los Angeles has stringent divorce decrees that include costly spousal support in the event of a split.

It is important to protect yourself while providing for your loved one in the event you do not make it until death do you part. Our dedicated Los Angeles family attorneys will comb each side of the relationship to ensure everyone is operating under full disclosure, so the terms of separation are incredibly clear and upheld in the court of law.

Domestic Violence & Abuse in Los Angeles, CA

If you or your children have been harmed emotionally, physically, mentally or sexually, it is important that you contact a committed and compassionate Las Angeles family law lawyer at Law Firm Land Legal Group today to ensure your safety going forward. We will stand beside you every step of the way to ensure that the person who hurt or threatened you is unable to do so again. We understand the hurt and confusion that exists in these cases, and we promise to be your support system going forward while providing actual solutions to keeping you out of harm’s way.

Child Custody in Los Angeles, CA

When two individuals are unable to decide on the division of their child’s time amicably, it may be necessary to involve the courts in the arrangement of child custody. Upon this occasion, it is important that you are represented by a Los Angeles family law attorney who excels in the field of family law, and in Los Angeles, experience exists in the form of a lawyer from Law Firm Land Legal Group.

With decades of experience in representing both parents in child custody cases, our Los Angeles family law lawyers are able to deliver a strategic approach to the courts based on the child’s best interests. This means we will interview our client extensively to ensure we are going to court with the facts regarding the amount of time and involvement each parent shares in the life of the child currently. When one parent falls short of the time requirements necessary to be considered the primary care giver, they are required by Los Angeles law to pay child support to the other parent.

Child Support in Los Angeles, CA

Child support in Los Angeles is not simply the result of a divorced couple’s child custody agreement. Los Angeles Law Firm Land Legal Group has increased the rate of individuals who pay child support in the state of California tremendously over several decades by holding parents responsible for the livelihoods of their children. Other instances of seeking child support include locating and testing potential fathers to prove paternity, and their obligation to help raise their child financially.

In some cases, fathers are excited to be located and are dedicated to doing more than paying child support. These men want to play an integral role in raising their child through visitation rights, contact agreements and their overall livelihood as they grow. In these cases, our in Los Angeles family law attorneys provide an unsurpassed father’s rights defense to help men become the fathers they have always wanted to be.

Additionally, in other cases, the grandparents of the child want to become involved in the child’s life as well, playing an integral role in their growth, honesty, and integrity going forward. Sadly, a lot of times grandparents’ rights come into the fold because the child’s parents are not upholding their unwritten promise to care for a child properly, which compels them to step in as the best parenting option. In either case, our Los Angeles family law attorneys will uphold their rights, and expand their involvement in the child’s life to provide a service for the greater good of the family as a whole.

In Los Angeles, Land Legal Group Has You Covered

No matter your need for a Los Angeles family law attorney, Law Firm Land Legal Group employs a skilled, accomplished and successful lawyer that can handle your case flawlessly, delivering optimal results each time.

Whether you have child custody or juvenile dependency matter or need assistance navigating the legal process of divorce, our Los Angeles family law lawyers are able to help immediately. Each client is treated with the respect that only a qualified and capable Los Angeles family law lawyer can provide to deliver solutions starting with our first consultation.

Contact Family Law Lawyers in Los Angeles, California Now

contact our vibrant and committed family law attorneys in Los Angeles today at 310-552-3500 and allow our Law Firm Land Legal Group to provide the judicial solutions you need in any legal capacity starting now.

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Joseph Land is absolutely amazing. He helped my fiancé with getting full custody of his child and working out child support. He also helped me with my divorce and worked so hard for us both. I highly recommend him to everyone. He’s a great lawyer works hard and truly cares about his clients.

There are no words to describe on how thankful and amazed I am with the service I was provided! Joseph Land has been there for me throughout my case. First of all having a custody case can be stressful and overwhelming. From the first phone call I made I knew I was in great hands. His professionalis… Read more


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