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    Child Support Lawyers Los Angeles, California

    Whether a Los Angeles court’s child support decision is determined through divorce proceedings or a child custody battle, the Los Angeles, California child support attorneys at Land Legal Group know that amount is never completely set in stone for the duration of its distribution.

    Los Angeles County is an expensive place to raise a child, and no one knows that more than the accomplished child support attorneys at Land Legal Group. That is why our Los Angeles family law firm concentrates on all aspects of resolving family legal battles with compassion and an appreciation for the proper child support results for each of our clients.

    Our dedicated Los Angeles child support attorneys and legal staff know that raising a child requires financial stability to ensure their shelter, food, clothing, and education are all covered without distress. These items do not come free to the parents who are charged with supplying their safe accommodations and day-to-day livelihoods. Our Los Angeles, California child support lawyers will apply the applicable laws available to ensure that a fair and just financial rendering is provided through the family courts to ensure you are able to raise your child properly.

    Child Support Lawyers Los Angeles

    Los Angeles Child Support Lawyers With A Track Record of Success

    Our talented child support lawyers know that circumstances change, and along with those instances so can your child’s financial needs. If you are seeking child support for the first time or are looking to collect child support arrears, our effective and dedicated child support attorney will advise you of your rights and outstanding financial position as the custodial parent.

    We provide consultations to all parents who need a Los Angeles child support attorney for the first time, or who are seeking to change the terms of their initial child support sanctions. We will provide personal attention to your specific case while ensuring the quickest and fairest outcome possible in the court of law.

    Understanding the Legal Involvement in Los Angeles Child Support Cases

    In Los Angeles, most child support amounts are designated during the divorce proceedings. However, it is up to each party to stay abreast of the actual needs of the child, whether they are the primary caregiver or not.

    This means that the obligation to pay child support is just as important as ensuring the amount is applicable to the child’s current needs.

    This assessment is determined in three categories:

    • Child Support Calculation, which is initially determined when child custody is decided, or through child custody cases after the divorce
    • Arrears Issues and Back Child Support, which is necessary when the obligated party is not upholding their segment of paying child support
    • Modifying Existing Child Support, which is necessary when there is a request to increase or lower child support payments from their initially determined amount

    Our Los Angeles child support attorneys deliver a comprehensive and accomplished legal strategy for each of these categories, whether you are the child support payer or recipient. Allow our experienced legal professionals to assess the financial needs of your child by researching the conditions of your initial payment hearing and determining if that status still holds true for each party.

    Comprehensive Legal Advice from an Experienced Los Angeles Child Support Attorney

    The accomplished and experienced child support lawyers at Land Legal Group understand that re-evaluating child support cases gives some cause for anxiety. Petitioners often worry about what others will think of their needs, whether the request is to increase or decrease the amount paid. The truth is, circumstances change for everyone. If the payer loses his or her job and is summarily required to take a lower-paying appointment, it is only fair that the initial result of the child support hearing is re-evaluated.

    What’s more is that as children grow, so does their financial needs. Education, entertainment, clothing, transportation, and overall expenses increase with age, whether it is the result of driving, choice of schools or extra-curricular activities. When these extenuating circumstances are not evaluated in the initial child support hearing, they must be re-evaluated to ensure everyone is operating fairly.

    The child support lawyers at Land Legal Group operate with honesty and integrity while supplying a reliable and experienced legal approach to your specific case. No two children are the same, and neither are their financial necessities. Allow our Los Angeles child support attorney to represent you, and your child(ren), with the best intentions of providing a fair shake to each party.

    Proper Child Support Agreements Allow You To Concentrate on Your Child’s Success

    Although love, appreciation, and emotional support are free, raising a child in today’s world is not. In order to provide your child with the leadership skills he or she deserves, financial culpability must be part of your overall parental focus.

    Our Los Angeles, California family law firm also focuses on:

    Call Our Los Angeles, California Child Support Attorney Now To Schedule A Consultation

    Whether you are considering a divorce, or have already completed the process, if there are children involved, you are going to need an accomplished and skilled Los Angeles, California child support attorney, and the Land Legal Group can help provide solutions by placing a call to 310-552-3500 to schedule a consultation today.

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    Frequently Asked Questions For Our Los Angeles Child Support Lawyers

    Child custody arrangements and visitation schedules are the main factors that determine which parent will pay child support in California. The parent who will be spending the most time with the child and caring for their day-to-day needs will provide the least amount of child support. Other factors include both parents’ incomes, health insurance obligations, the children’s health and any special needs, and the cost of their education/extracurricular activities, among other details the courts may deem important to the children’s livelihoods. Talk to our child support lawyer Los Angeles today to learn how we can help you obtain the ruling you deserve, no matter which side of the timeshare percentage you are on.

    Our Los Angeles child support lawyers explain to each of our clients how these important financial decisions are made, so they know what to expect when negotiating payments in private, or when taking their case inside the courtroom. There is a California Child Support Guideline Calculator that will help outline an estimated payment amount, but the judge may decide on a different figure once the case is heard.

    Our child support attorney Los Angeles explains to each of our clients that child support arrears cannot be waived or negotiated after the fact. If you owe past due child support, it must be paid in full, including the interest that is assigned to it while it remains unpaid. If there is no past due amount, and parents can agree to less or more than what California guideline requires for child support outside of the courtroom, the courts will review the amount and why the choices were made before approving it.

    Our Los Angeles child support attorney discusses each of our client’s unique needs, so their kids’ financial requirements are covered from the start of our child custody cases. The California child support guidelines are simply that – recommendations. Our law firm will build your case to include each potential cost associated with raising your children, so their health and well-being are not financially impacted by your divorce.

    Our Los Angeles child support attorneys know that some parents may think if they do not want or accept child support payments in California, the other parent does not have custody or visitation rights to their children. This is simply not true. And, by law, such an agreement is not permitted. The law imposes the duty to support a child on both parents, and it cannot be terminated or limited by an agreement between them.

    Our Los Angeles child support lawyers often assist clients with payment modification requests when certain life-changing events that impact their ability to pay occur. Those may include injuries or illnesses that preclude them from working, or job changes that include a significant pay cut. However, being unemployed – or losing your job – may not qualify for an immediate modification if you have the skills and resources to find similar paying employment. Contact our child support attorneys Los Angeles to learn exactly which types of circumstances may entitle you to petition the court for a modification.

    Our child support lawyers Los Angeles explain to our clients that child support payments in California must be made until the supported children are 18 years old. Unless a child is legally emancipated. If the child is 18 years old, a full-time high school student, and not self-supporting, the duty to pay child support extends until the child is 19 years old or completes 12th grade, whichever is sooner.

    Unless the child is disabled or has special needs, the law does not require one parent to pay child support past the supporting age. However, if the parents enter a formal court order because of the child’s special needs, it will be enforced by the court just as any other child support order would.

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