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Child Support Lawyer Los Angeles

Whether a Los Angeles court’s child support decision is determined through divorce proceedings, or a child custody battle, the Los Angeles child support attorneys at Land Legal Group know that amount is never completely set in stone for the duration of its distribution.

Los Angeles is an expensive place to raise a child, and no one knows that more than the accomplished Los Angeles child support attorneys at Land Legal Group. That is why our Los Angeles family law firm concentrates on family law, and the application of proper child support dictates throughout the state of California. Our dedicated and compassionate staff knows that raising a child requires more than love and attention; it requires money to fortify their well-being through shelter, food, clothing and education. Our skilled and experienced Los Angeles child support lawyers will apply the applicable laws available to ensure that a fair and just financial rendering is provided through the family courts to ensure you are able to raise your child properly.

Los Angeles Child Support Lawyers With A Track Record of Success

Our talented Los Angeles child support lawyers know that circumstances change, and along with those instances so can your child’s financial needs. If you are seeking child support for the first time or are looking to collect child support arrears, our effective and dedicated Los Angeles child support attorneys will advise you of your rights and outstanding financial position as the custodial parent. We provide free consultations to all parents who need a Los Angeles child support attorney for the first time, or who are seeking to change the terms of their initial child support sanctions. We will provide personal attention to your specific case, while insuring the quickest and fairest outcome possible in the court of law.

Legal Involvement in Child Support

In Los Angeles, most child support amounts are designated during the divorce proceedings. However, it is up to each party to stay abreast of the actual needs of the child, whether they are the primary care giver or not. This means that the obligation to pay child support is just as important as insuring the amount is applicable to the child’s current needs. This assessment is determined in three categories:

  • Calculating Child Support: This is determined initially when custody is decided, or through child custody cases after the divorce.
  • Back Child Support or Arrears Issues: This is necessary when the obligated party is not upholding their segment of paying child support.
  • Modifying Existing Child Support: This is necessary when there is a request to increase or lower child support payments from their initially determined amount.

Our Los Angeles child support attorneys deliver a comprehensive and accomplished legal strategy for each of these categories, whether you are the child support payer or the payee. Allow us to assess the financial needs of your child by researching the conditions of your initial payment hearing and determining if that status still holds true for each party.

Comprehensive Legal Advice from an Experienced Los Angeles Child Support Attorney

The accomplished and experienced Los Angeles child support lawyers at Land Legal Group understand that re-evaluating child support cases gives some cause for anxiety. Petitioners often worry what others will think of their needs, whether the request is to increase or decrease the amount paid. The truth is, circumstances change for everyone. If the payer loses his or her job, and is summarily required to take a lower paying appointment, it is only fair that the initial result of the child support hearing be re-evaluated.

What’s more is that as children grow, so does their financial needs. Education, entertainment, clothing, transportation and overall expenses increase with age, whether it is the result of driving, choice of schools or extra-curricular activities. When these extenuating circumstances are not evaluated in the initial child support hearing, they must be re-evaluated to ensure everyone is operating fairly.

The Los Angeles child support lawyers at Land Legal Group operate with honesty and integrity while supplying a reliable and experienced legal approach to your specific case. No two children are the same, and neither are their financial necessities. Allow our Los Angeles child support attorney to represent you, and your child(ren), with the best intentions of providing a fair shake to each party. 

Concentrating on Your Child’s Success

Although love, appreciation and emotional support are free, raising a child in today’s world is not. In order to provide your child with the leadership skills he or she deserves, financial culpability must be part of your overall parental focus.

Contact an accomplished and skilled Los Angeles child support attorney today at Land Legal Group 310-552-3500 to evaluate your child support commitments and ensure your child is getting what they deserve in life.

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