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    Family Law Attorney in Santa Barbara, California

    Deciding how to proceed through a family law issue is one of the most challenging decisions that many people have to make. At Land Legal Group, we understand that many of our clients are facing some of the most trying times of their life.

    Whether it’s facing separation, divorce, child custody, or issues associated with child or spousal support, we focus on providing clients with the best possible legal representation. If you need an attorney who can provide you with an accurate assessment of the consequences you’re facing, consider the Land Legal Group.

    Experienced Divorce Lawyers in Santa Barbara

    The end of a marriage is one of the most stressful periods that many people face. Divorce can encompass a variety of forms and doing everything possible to reduce the stress associated with your divorce can make it much easier to navigate this situation.

    Going through a divorce can make you also feel powerless, but in reality, you have a variety of options in deciding how to approach matters. Most people decide to mediate divorce using the collaborative divorce process, while others take a more contentious approach and decide to litigate their divorce.

    Santa Barbara Child Custody Lawyers

    As a parent, your children are the most important thing. To establish a parenting plan that works best for your children, our experienced Santa Barbara family law attorneys take the effort to learn all they can about your and your child’s lives.

    While some child custody arrangements can be reached through mediation or negotiation with the other parent, our attorneys are also prepared to help you navigate matters in a court of law. We can also help if you need to modify or adjust the terms of an existing child custody.

    Compassionate Domestic Violence Attorneys in Santa Barbara

    Domestic violence can devastate families. While even one occurrence of domestic violence can have a long-term impact, domestic violence more often involves a pattern of abuse. Domestic abuse can occur among various parties including spouses, children, and other family members. California law defines abusive behavior to include harassing, intentionally harming, threatening to harm, or sexually assaulting someone.

    At Land Legal Group, our attorneys want to make sure that you and your loved ones are safe from any type of harm. If you need to pursue a restraining order against your abuser, an attorney at Land Legal Group can also help you pursue one faster to make sure that you receive the help that you need to escape your difficult situation.

    Spousal Supports Lawyers in Santa Barbara

    Spouses can agree to any type of arrangement that works for them in regards to spousal support. If a court must decide spousal support for a couple, certain presumptions exist that influence the court’s decision-making.

    In the state of California, if a marriage lasted less than ten years, a presumption exists that spousal support’s duration will be less than half of the marriage’s length. On the other hand, if a marriage is over ten years in length, spousal support’s duration is more uncertain and courts have the power to end the right to support at the time that a judgment of divorce is entered.

    Asset Division Attorneys in Santa Barbara

    Our attorneys make sure to carefully listen to each client to form an assessment of assets. We can also guide you in understanding what a California court would do if requested to make decisions about assets owned by you or your family.

    Additionally, we can help you assess where there are solutions to the division of the marital estate that benefit you and your spouse. Frequently in asset division cases, there are tough choices that must be made.

    Our attorneys can guide you in weighing your options as well as appreciating your hypothetical cash flow and assets following a divorce.

    Santa Barbara Child Support Lawyers

    Courts follow a strict standard in deciding how much child support the non-custodial parent should pay for the support of the couple’s child. The formula utilized to determine how much support should be paid relies on a variety of factors including how much time the child spends with each parent as well as the incomes of both parents.

    We can also help parents adjust existing child support orders if events like job loss, job promotion, or other occupational changes occur. Our attorneys can also help you pursue compensation if the other parent has an obligation to pay child support but has not been doing so.

    At Land Legal Group, our family law attorney in Santa Barbara, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

    Why You Might Need a Santa Barbara Family Law Attorney

    When you select an attorney at Land Legal Group, our lawyers will provide you with compassionate representation as well as invaluable guidance from the start to the conclusion of your case. When we begin your case, our lawyers will help you create the strongest legal path of action to achieve your goals. This might involve a negotiated settlement or a trial.

    While many people view a family law attorney’s representation as costly, clients routinely discover at Land Legal Group that our legal representation can save them money as well as frustration in the long run. With a skilled family law attorney on your side, you can also greatly reduce your chances of making a decision that ends up negatively impacting your case.

    Some of the other helpful things that our family law attorneys can do include eliminating the need to negotiate directly with the other party, determining and valuating the entirety of your assets, filing the appropriate court documents, and speeding up the court process.

    Contact Our Santa Barbara Family Law Lawyers Today For a Consultation

    At Land Legal Group, we understand the challenges that can be brought on by family law issues, which is why we focus on providing our clients with the best legal representation possible.

    Regardless of whether you need help navigating a divorce, obtaining a restraining order, establishing paternity, or receiving the child support that you deserve, we invite you to contact Land Legal Group today to schedule a case evaluation.

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