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    What Is Family Law?

    When most people think of family law attorneys, they think of divorce proceedings. While family law does cover divorce, child custody child support, alimony and related topics, it also deals with a number of other issues that may occur when two people are getting married, adopting a child, or dissolving a partnership. Other related topics also fall into the category of family law.

    These may include domestic violence, paternity suits, and even surrogacy agreements. Because so many family law topics affect both your emotional and financial well being, it is important to choose a lawyer who has expertise in this area.

    How Can a Family Law Attorney Help Me During a Divorce?

    Going through a divorce, and all of the issues that surround it, is one of the most intense, emotional times any person may face. An experienced attorney who offers sound advice and walks you through the process can help you to alleviate some of the stress during this emotional time. Whether you and your spouse have already worked out the details on property division and just need help drawing up an agreement or if you anticipate a hard-fought battle in the courtroom over child custody, it is important to choose the best family law attorney.

    Many divorce cases appear simple from the outside, but you may find that you need more support than you thought once it is time for mediation or litigation. A well-versed divorce lawyer can advise you on topics including:

    How Can an Attorney Protect Me from Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence occurs more often than it should, and often to those who have no way to protect themselves. A family law attorney can walk you through the process of filing for a domestic violence restraining order, as well as guiding you toward other resources that may help you. In some cases, a highly contested divorce or other alteration may also lead to false accusations of domestic violence.

    No matter if you have been accused of a domestic crime, have become the victim of abuse or are scared violence may occur, an experienced family law attorney can help you get the protection and support you need while ensuring your rights are upheld. Of course, if you feel that you or your children are in immediate danger, it is important to contact local law enforcement as soon as possible.

    Can a Family Law Attorney Help with a Prenuptial Agreement?

    In short, yes. Prenuptial agreements are designed to reduce the risk of financial conflicts in the event of divorce later in life. They are often used when one partner has significantly more income or other assets than the other, or when there is a desire to prevent separate personal property from becoming community property.

    While these agreements are often thought to be simple agreements that may be printed off the Internet and signed, it is important that premarital agreements are structured correctly in order to be enforceable. For this reason, it is a good idea to meet with a family law attorney to structure a prenuptial agreement.

    Do Mothers Always Receive Custody of the Children?

    In the past, mothers typically received a significant advantage in custody disputes based only on the fact that the mother traditionally played the role of the caregiver. Today, however, courts order custody based on the best interests of the child. This means that the father has the same rights to access, custody and visitation as the mother.

    Choosing an experienced family law attorney will ensure you have the best chance of winning your custody case. In addition to fighting for father’s rights, an attorney well-versed in family law can also help to prove paternity or protect grandparent’s rights.

    What Children’s Laws Are Handled by a Family Law Attorney?

    Family lawyers handle cases that cover many aspects of children’s law. Children’s law deals with a variety of topics that can have a major impact of the life of your child or children, as well as the rest of your family. Choosing the right lawyer can significantly change the outcome of these cases, so it is important to hire a legal counsel with education, experience and expertise in this type of family law. Children’s law includes issues surrounding:

    • Adoption
    • Surrogacy
    • Foster Care
    • Child Protective Services / DCFS
    • Defacto Parents
    • Dependency

    How Do I Find an Experienced Long Beach Family Law Attorney?

    Land Legal Group offers a wide range of family law services in Long Beach, California. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to make sure your prenuptial agreements, divorce, custody, or children’s law case is handled properly. Our focus is on our clients; we strive to secure your financial future as well as offer practical advice and support in even the most trying cases. To schedule a consultation to discuss your needs, call (310) 552-3500 today.

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