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    Spousal Support Lawyers Los Angeles, California

    Family law is an all-encompassing practice that requires our experienced Los Angeles spousal support attorneys to guide or clients through delicate issues, including divorce and spousal support. Within the personal sensitivity of these cases is the law, which must be followed by the divorcing parties, and requires the help of a qualified Los Angeles, California alimony lawyer who will simplify the complex and focus on solutions.

    The Los Angeles County spousal support attorneys at the Land Legal Group are adept in working on behalf of their clients, no matter which side of the split they are on. Spousal support is a serious and complex segment of any divorce proceeding. Our combined passion, experience, integrity, and commitment to providing our clients with the best outcome for their unique case allow our firm to truly partner with the families and spouses we represent.

    Our accomplished Los Angeles family law attorneys will deliver your case with the professionalism and legal fervor that you deserve, so you are not left fighting for your financial livelihood alone.

    Spousal Support Lawyers Los Angeles

    Schedule a Consultation with Our Los Angeles Spousal Support Attorneys

    Our Los Angeles law firm’s spousal support lawyers provide consultations to help those facing separation or divorce understand what they are financially entitled to as a result in Los Angeles. Our accomplished Los Angeles alimony attorneys understand that everyone’s circumstances vary during divorce proceedings, which is why we provide personal attention to each case, specifically focusing on your exclusive marital situation.

    Our goal is to provide you with a fair and expedient resolution, so you can get back to enjoying your life independently, without worry.

    Spousal Support & Alimony Guidelines in California

    Our Los Angeles alimony attorneys know that California’s spousal support and alimony laws are different than any other in the United States. The standards and edict that are prescribed through the courts must be handled with legal precision and accuracy to ensure a beneficial outcome to your specific case. With that goal in mind, each of the following categories will be investigated thoroughly, to ensure an honest and ethical approach is rendered.

    • Adapted living standards
    • Financial make-up of each spouse, including assets and debts
    • Length of marriage
    • Each spouse’s earning capacity
    • Educational contributions made toward the supporting party’s success
    • Future earning capacity dictated by unemployment to care for the home or children
    • Marketable skills of the spouse seeking support
    • Education levels of both spouses
    • Health of both spouses
    • Current income of each spouse
    • Retirement benefits
    • Tax consequences of the award value

    The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act Has Changed the Way California Spousal Support Is Taxed For Both Parties

    Beginning January 1, 2019, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act significantly changed the way spousal support in California, and throughout the rest of the country, is taxed by the government.

    Before 2019, the payer was able to count spousal support payments as a tax deduction, while the recipient claimed the payments as income, paying the taxes on the total amount received each year. That remains the same for all divorces that had a spousal support agreement in place and were legally finalized before January 1, 2019.

    Now, with the new law in effect, all divorces finalized after January 1, 2019, will not allow the payer to take the spousal support deduction, and the recipient will no longer have to count the payments as income.

    This largely affects those who are considering spousal support modifications, as the new law will be applicable to any divorce agreement that is finalized January 1, 2019 – even when it is a modification.

    A Dedicated & Personal Approach to Spousal Support & Alimony

    The Los Angeles alimony attorneys at Land Legal Group understand that the pursuit of spousal support and alimony is very a delicate and personal matter. Our Los Angeles spousal support law firm’s unique approach to delivering spousal support solutions for our clients begins with outlining your existing lifestyle and mirroring the needs and quality of life you are accustomed to going forward.

    Integrity and honesty lead the way in our pursuit of justice for our family law clients, and that extends to the person who is required to pay spousal support as well. At the Land Legal Group, our accomplished Los Angeles spousal support lawyer upholds the rights of each spouse our firm represents, no matter which side of the matrimonial debate s/he is on.

    Financial negotiations are important to both parties, and our Los Angeles spousal support attorney provides a competitive, dignified, and fair approach to gaining results for our clients.

    At the Land Legal Group, our family law firm in Los Angeles, California also focuses on the following practice areas:

    Contact Our Skilled Los Angeles Spousal Support Attorney Today To Seek The Results You Deserve

    If you feel like your marriage is in jeopardy, contact our experienced Los Angeles alimony lawyers at the Land Law Group today at 310-552-3500 to ensure that your spousal support and alimony rights are protected by a proficient and accomplished Los Angeles attorney, Joseph Land.

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    Frequently Asked Questions For Our Los Angeles Spousal Support Lawyers

    Our spousal support attorneys Los Angeles guide our clients through the divorce process with precision, which includes outlining their eligibility for alimony during the proceedings. This is an important time to note, not everyone is eligible for alimony after a California divorce. If you are, we will outline the facts of your case, which will determine the type of alimony you may receive, the amount, and how long you will receive it.

    Our Los Angeles spousal support lawyer knows one of the most important aspects of spousal support is how long it will last. This is different for every relationship. If one spouse was awarded temporary spousal support, it will stop when the divorce is final. Unfortunately, there is no other hard and fast rule regarding how long alimony lasts. It depends solely on one spouse’s ability to support him or herself after the divorce, and how long it will take him or her to get back on their feet. If divorcing spouses cannot determine the time alimony will last on their own, a judge will decide for them. A Los Angeles spousal support attorney near you can help build your case to pursue the best outcome.

    Our Los Angeles alimony lawyers know that there are two ways the payer can stop making spousal support payments in California: When the recipient remarries or either spouse is no longer living.

    Spousal support and child support are often ordered during the same divorce agreement. If the same parent is ordered to pay both child support and alimony, he or she may request a reduction in the latter with the help of a knowledgeable Los Angeles alimony lawyer.

    If a significant change of circumstances is considered appropriate, contact a spousal support attorney near you to petition the court for an alimony modification. These circumstances may include job loss, an injury, illness, or disease that precludes you from working, or if the recipient is in a relationship that helps support him or her financially.

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