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Spousal Support Lawyer Los Angeles, CA

In Los Angeles the issue of spousal support and alimony is a delicate one, but also one that is outlined by law and must be followed by the divorcing parties, which requires the help of a qualified Los Angeles alimony lawyer in this precarious field of law.

The Los Angeles spousal support attorneys at Land Legal Group are adept in working on behalf of their clients, no matter which side of the split they are on. Spousal support and alimony demands can cause an acrimonious departure from the marriage both parties valued before, and the Los Angeles alimony lawyer from our family law firm who represents your case understands that completely. This is why we provide a dedicated and compassionate approach to your specific case, while upholding the integrity of these laws in Los Angeles.  Our accomplished Los Angeles family law attorneys will deliver your case with the professionalism and legal fervor that you deserve, so you are not left alone, in the financial cold.

Get Free Consultations with Los Angeles Alimony Attorneys

Our Los Angeles law firm’s spousal support lawyers provide free consultations to help those facing separation or divorce understand what they are financially entitled to as a result in Los Angeles. Our accomplished Los Angeles alimony attorneys understand that everyone’s circumstances vary during divorce proceedings, which is why we provide personal attention to each case, specifically focusing on your exclusive marital situation. Our goal is provide you with a fair and expedient resolution, so you can get back to enjoying your life independently, without worry.

Spousal Support & Alimony Guidelines in California

Our Los Angeles alimony attorneys know that California’s spousal support and alimony laws are different than any other in the United States. The standards and edict that are prescribed through the courts must be handled with legal precision and accuracy to ensure a beneficial outcome to your specific case. With that goal in mind, each of the following categories will be investigated thoroughly, to ensure an honest and ethical approach is rendered.

  • Accustomed Standard of Living
  • Debts and Financial Assets of Both Parties
  • Duration of Marriage
  • Earning Capacity of Both Parties
  • Educational Contributions made Toward Supporting Party
  • Factors that the Court Deems Relevant and Equitable
  • Future Earning Capacity Caused by Periods of Unemployment
  • Marketable Skills of the Party Seeking Alimony
  • Relative Education Levels
  • Relative Health of Both Parties
  • Respective Incomes of Both Parties
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Tax Consequences of an Award 

A Dedicated & Personal Approach to Spousal Support & Alimony

The Los Angeles alimony attorneys at Land Legal Group understand that the pursuit of spousal support and alimony is very a delicate and personal matter. We take a compassionate and reliable approach to ensuring that your spousal support case is handled with precision and accuracy to ensure that you are awarded the support you need to sustain the lifestyle in which you are accustomed.

However, it is important that we uphold the law with integrity and honesty, thereby defending the rights of the payer, if we are hired to do so. The accomplished Los Angeles spousal support lawyers at our law firm are practiced in upholding both sides of the matrimonial payment debate, and will accommodate either party in pursuit of a fair and legal adjustment of their income. Allow our Los Angeles spousal support attorneys to exercise your rights before you receive the petition to divorce, so you can begin claiming what is rightfully yours — no matter which side of the courtroom you are on.

Get the Skilled Approach of Los Angeles Spousal Support Attorney You Deserve Today

The Los Angeles alimony attorneys at Land Legal Group are available day and night to help you traverse the murky waters of separation and divorce. Do not wait until you have to appear in court to obtain our family law services.

If you feel like your marriage is in jeopardy, contact our experienced Los Angeles alimony lawyers today at 310-552-3500 to ensure that your spousal support and alimony rights are protected by a proficient and accomplished Los Angeles attorney, Joseph Land.

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