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California Family Law Lawyers Representing Divorce Clients in West Hollywood

Our highly skilled and proficient Los Angeles lawyers are dedicated to upholding family law, and delivering results for our clients at every turn. We pride ourselves on being honest, reliable and committed to your cause, whether it is defending you against the horrid exposure of domestic abuse, or helping supply a better life for your children through a child custody hearing. Our lawyers will provide you with a free consultation to effectively understand your position for petitioning the courts for a resolution in divorce or even spousal support. Our overall objective is to deliver a smile to our clients’ faces when they exit the courtroom, knowing that we have provided a quality defense on their behalf that enriches their life completely.

California Family Law, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support, Domestic Violence, Fathers Rights, Grandparents Rights, Paternity, Prenuptial Agreement and Dependency Law Lawyer Serving West Hollywood

Family Law Cases – Land Legal Group handles all matters related to Family law including:

  • Divorce – Going through a divorce is one of the hardest times in your life. The process or getting divorced, or a dissolution of your marriage is the result of a couple deciding on the division of assets, debts, incomes and supportive values going forward. Joseph Land is an experienced and accomplished attorney who will defend your position in the dissolution action with honesty and dedication. It is absolutely imperative to us that our clients get everything that they are entitled to under the laws of California.
  • Child Custody – With our vast experience in family law, our firm knows that divorce proceedings can become complicated, heated and unpleasant where children are involved. For this reason, we take child custody hearings very seriously, and are advocates for the children, just as much as we are for the parents involved in the dispute over their well-being. Our expansive knowledge and experience in family law allows us to practice around facts, integrity and the assurance that we are doing what is best for the child’s future.
  • Child Support – Our dedicated and compassionate staff knows that raising a child requires more than love and attention; it requires money to fortify their well-being through shelter, food, clothing and education. Our skilled and experienced child support lawyers will apply the applicable laws available to ensure that a fair and just financial rendering is provided through the family courts to ensure you are able to raise your child properly.
  • Spousal Support – Spousal support and alimony demands can cause an acrimonious departure from the marriage both parties valued before, and the lawyer from our firm who represents your case understands that completely. This is why we provide a dedicated and compassionate approach to your specific case, while upholding the integrity of these laws in Los Angeles. Our accomplished attorneys will deliver your case with the professionalism and legal fervor that you deserve, so you are not left alone, in the financial cold.
  • Domestic Violence – there are a number of domestic abuse allegations that can be prosecuted in Los Angeles. It is important to understand that although assault, battery, threats and intimidation are all illegal, and prosecuted as such, but are taken much more seriously when the alleged victim is a spouse, cohabitant, dating partner or parent of the offender’s child. At our firm, we will not tolerate the manipulation of the courts under false pretenses and are prepared to defend anyone who is being held liable under these circumstances. We will provide free consultations to anyone who is the victim of domestic violence or of false allegations of domestic abuse.
  • Fathers Rights – We concentrate on the best interests of the children who are in the middle of paternity suits, divorce proceedings or custody battles, to ensure they receive the best care possible from both parents. Fathers’ rights are important to our firm, as it is often the mother who receives primary custody of the child. This makes it imperative for men to know that they can play a larger role in the lives of their children, and in fact have the legal right to do so.
  • Grandparents Rights – We are committed to protecting grandparents’ rights in Los Angeles when they feel as if a divorce or unhealthy situation is going to negatively affect their grandchildren or inhibit their overall care. Although the laws on custodial grandparents can be difficult to understand, the courts will recognize the fact that a loving and caring set of individuals are available to step in and protect the children involved. Our goal as a skilled and accomplished family law firm is to ensure the best interests of the child are laid before the court, and that means focusing on grandparents’ rights when applicable.
  • Paternity – We understands that not everyone runs from being a father, and sometimes they even seek paternity tests to ensure they are providing for their child properly. Unfortunately, fathers who would like to prove their paternity of a child, in order to have a relationship with them, are far less common than those who are looking to get out of paying child support. Our firm’s lawyers know that some men simply need a push from the mother or family of a child to take a paternity test, and begin taking financial responsibility for them. Our skilled and compassionate attorneys know that this process is a delicate one, and requires additional emotional support, which we are more than happy to provide.
  • Prenuptial Agreement – Our attorneys are experienced and accomplished in establishing exceptional prenuptial agreement arrangements that allow each party to feel comfortable heading into their vows. We provide free consultations, and understand that no two marriages are alike, so we pay personal attention to the specifics of your case; never delivering a template approach to such a delicate document.
  • Dependency Law – Whether you are fighting to have your children returned to your home, or simply want to adopt a precious child of your own, our accomplished dependency law attorneys can help your relationships grow in a positive direction. We are also adept at providing foster care services, so you can be the accomplished parent you strive for going forward.

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