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    Compassionate Domestic Violence Lawyers in Los Angeles, California

    At Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles, California domestic violence attorneys are a proud advocate against domestic violence and are prepared to counsel individuals on either side of the abuse issue to ensure their rights are upheld in the court of law. Our accomplished and skilled Los Angeles domestic violence lawyers are prepared to prosecute any offenders with fervor and dedication to providing a safe and assured outcome for our clients, their children, and other family members.

    Our Los Angeles family law firm’s experience in handling Los Angeles County domestic violence cases allows us to confidently take on any case that involves this type of abuse, creating solutions for those who are scared, threatened, or hurt by the actions of another.

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    False Allegations in Domestic Violence Cases

    Our Los Angeles domestic abuse attorneys also know that false allegations of domestic violence may be brought to court for the sole purpose of harming the integrity and character of the alleged opposing party. These instances are common in divorce proceedings, child custody cases, and other extenuating family law cases that deliver heated exchanges and complicated circumstances.

    At our law firm, our Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer will not tolerate the manipulation of the courts under false pretenses and are prepared to defend anyone who is being held liable under these circumstances. At Land Legal Group we will provide consultations to anyone who is the victim of domestic violence or of false allegations of domestic abuse.

    Understanding Domestic Violence And Abuse Cases in Los Angeles, California

    There are a number of domestic abuse allegations that can be prosecuted in Los Angeles, California, and our law firm is adept at handling each type with a personal approach to delivering results for our client’s unique needs. It is important to understand that although assault, battery, threats, and intimidation are all illegal, and prosecuted as such, they are taken much more seriously when the alleged victim is a spouse, cohabitant, dating partner, or parent of the offender’s child.

    These extenuating circumstances disrupt the lives of everyone involved, and the physical and emotional toll it takes on the lives of our clients must be rectified through the legal process to empower each individual our Los Angeles domestic abuse lawyer represent will be able to move forward with positivity and self-respect.

    Domestic abuse circumstances can include, but are not limited to:

    • Physical Abuse

    Hitting, slapping, choking, pushing, kicking, or harming any other form of physically hurtful behavior

    • Financial Abuse

    Asserting financial dependence of another by applying harsh financial accountability, constraints, and penalties for unsupported spending

    • Sexual Abuse

    Pressure or forced to perform sexual acts, or the unknown performance of such acts

    • Verbal Abuse

    Name-calling, diminishing your character and yelling or screaming

    • Social Abuse

    Criticizing personal relationships, using controlling behavior or manipulative tactics that interrupt the enjoyable the company of others

    • Spiritual Abuse

    Hindering the practice of your religion of choice, or any practice that keeps another from church services or religious celebrations

    • Threatening Behavior

    Breaking objects, threatening speech, and other intimidating actions

    • Unwanted Communication

    Harassing or intimidating communication through phone calls, text messages, emails, or letters

    Each Los Angeles domestic violence case is different and extenuating circumstances can make you feel alienated in the pursuit of addressing these matters. Contacting an experienced Los Angeles domestic violence lawyer at Land Legal Group will provide you with the reassuring counsel you need to never feel alone in addressing your domestic abuse case.

    A Dedicated Approach to Countering Domestic Violence In Los Angeles, California

    No matter how you define it, domestic abuse is a serious issue. Men, women, and children are suffering each day from the terror and intimidation tactics of domestic violence attackers. At our law firm, our Los Angeles domestic abuse attorneys have the experience necessary to produce solutions to help you move forward with life without abuse.

    Although domestic violence is a prevalent problem, no two cases are the same. If someone has hurt you or is threatening to hurt you, our Los Angeles domestic abuse lawyer wants to help you heal by holding him or her responsible for their behavior. We want to ensure that your entire family is safe in the future by providing the one thing each victim of domestic abuse needs: A law firm they can count on.

    Our family law firm in Los Angeles, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

    Contact Our Los Angeles Domestic Abuse Attorneys For a Consultation.

    If you feel that your safety is in jeopardy in any way, or that your character is being assassinated as a result of false domestic violence allegations, contact our committed domestic violence attorney at Land Legal Group in Los Angeles, California today by calling 310-552-3500 to schedule a consultation. We will help you build a unique plan to safely move forward with your life.

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