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    Fathers’ Rights Lawyers in Ventura, California

    Fathers’ rights are a valuable part of California family law. Our Ventura lawyers believe that parental roles should not be subjected to partition and that both parents play a critical role in their child’s upbringing.

    At Land Legal Group, we remain focused on making sure that each father in Ventura, as well as the rest of California, shares equal rights with mothers. This means engaging in the child’s life at every step and never falling subject to discriminatory perspectives that were once placed against fathers. Parenting is no longer divided against the perspective of men working and women raising children. Our Ventura fathers’ rights lawyers are focused on helping parents not fall into such biased thinking.

    Our compassionate Ventura fathers’ rights attorney understands that the judicial system historically viewed mothers as caregivers and our attorneys are interested in forever shifting this thinking. If you are the father of a child and have recently navigated a divorce or separation from the child’s mother, we can help you obtain equal rights as a parent.

    Similarly, if you have been involved in a paternity case and are shown to be a child’s father, we can help you in realizing your right to be an active presence in that child’s life. Our Ventura fathers’ rights attorney fully believes in the value of a father in a child’s life and offers case evaluations if you’d like to learn more about how we can help your unique situation.

    Redefining California Family law Traditions

    Historically and traditionally speaking, children are entrusted to receive care from their mothers. In situations involving child custody, courts are often more sympathetic towards mothers. On the other hand, fathers are routinely assigned with the financial responsibilities associated with custody settlement, which includes paying child support as well as other child-care-related costs without spending a great deal of time with the children. This equates to fathers spending less time with children with little or no participation in the child’s daily well-being. Non-custodial fathers often rely on court-determined visitations that lead to the father meeting with the child or children only once a week or sometimes even less frequently. This unfortunate fact has led an increasing number of lawyers to focus on fathers’ rights as a growing number of non-custodial fathers seek to play a more substantial role in their children’s lives.

    The Role of Fathers’ Rights in California

    At Land Legal Group, our Ventura fathers’ rights lawyers are focused on helping men assert their right to play a routine role in their children’s lives. Fathers’ rights contain various claims that let fathers be viewed as instrumental in the life of children. Some of the tenets that make up fathers rights advocation in California include:

    • Claim paternity
    • Engage in collaborative thinking
    • Function in co-parenting situations
    • Provide financial support
    • Share an ongoing connection with the child

    The role of fathers’ rights has advanced substantially in the last few decades. The principles behind these changes, however, still encounter challenges with the general public. Our fathers’ rights lawyers are prepared to work compassionately besides fathers who want to assert their legal right to be part of their children’s lives.

    Guarding Your Rights as a Father in California

    Our fathers’ rights lawyers are focused on defending your rights as a parent despite the circumstances. If you are currently navigating a contentious divorce,  the mother may make it difficult for you to see or spend time with your children. This can damage your relationship with the children and represents a violation of your parental rights.

    Ways a California Fathers’ Rights Lawyer Can Help

    A California fathers’ rights lawyer can help you navigate your divorce or paternity issue with the perspective that as a father you have equal weight in rights as the other parent. Women once were given preferential treatment during divorce by California family law courts and it was a routine occurrence for women to be assigned the majority of custody as well as legal decision-making power over the children.

    At Land Legal Group, our fathers rights attorneys will do everything possible to make sure that your child’s welfare remains the primary focus of any decision that impacts the division of parental rights. We can also make sure that your role as a father is not viewed as a mark against your ability to adequately care for your children.

    Whether You Need a Ventura Lawyer that Focuses on Fathers’ Rights

    It’s not essential that you work with a family law attorney that focuses on fathers’ rights. You should, however, make sure to obtain the assistance of an attorney who has skill representing fathers. This way you can make sure that your version of things will be adequately heard and considered.

    Fathers rights is a developing area of California family law and will likely only grow more as gender roles in the country continue to be redefined. No matter how progressive a court system is, there will always be legal experts who continue to argue for how things used to be. At Land Legal Group, we remain focused on making sure that your rights as a father are given full weight during your divorce or separation.

    What Rights You Have as a Father

    Fathers in California have the same rights that mothers do when it comes to assessing the division of custody as part of a divorce or separation. Unfortunately, this right and equality are overlooked when it comes to traditional divorces and reparations, which means that fathers still end up facing unfavorable custody or visitation decisions.

    Fathers’ rights lawyers do not push for groundbreaking decisions in divorces. Rather, these lawyers focus on advancing the equality of rights that are upheld through the divorce process so you can continue providing your children with the love and attention that they deserve.

    At Land Legal Group, our family law firm in Ventura, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

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    Even if you were never married to the mother of your child, this does not lessen your rights as a father. Instead, you have the right to spend the same amount of time with the children as their mother. You also have the right to make decisions that impact the children’s well-being. Many times, fathers’ rights are violated because men do not understand they can enforce their visitation privileges with their children by obtaining the assistance of an experienced California family rights attorney. Our Ventura family law lawyers understand the complexities of family law and have helped a number of fathers assert their rights. Contact Land Legal Group today to schedule a case evaluation at (805) 696-2160.


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