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    Family Law Attorney In Carpinteria, California

    At Land Legal Group, our family law attorneys acknowledge the personal needs of each of our clients. Our attorneys appreciate that no divorces or family law issues are ever the same.

    Family law issues are private matters and one-of-a-kind and our family law attorneys in Carpinteria focus on the facts of each case so we can make sure that each case resolves in the best possible manner.

    Knowledgeable Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys in Carpinteria

    Prenuptial agreements do not have to carry the stigma that they once did. Today, creating a prenuptial agreement is one of the wisest things that a couple approaching marriage can do, even if they do not end up making the document legally binding.

    Instead of serving as an indication that your marriage will not last, prenuptial agreements are a way to provide full financial disclosure between two spouses so there are no surprises in case a marriage does not last.

    Our skilled Carpinteria family law attorneys provide expert assistance in crafting prenuptial agreements and all people who are expecting to get married can benefit from the creation of them.

    Skilled Carpinteria Paternity Lawyer

    In many cases, for mothers to obtain child support as well as insurance coverage or various other benefits connected to the father of a child, the mother must first establish paternity or that the man in question is the actual father of the child.

    In situations where a child was not conceived while a couple was married, both parents were not named on the birth certificate, or the child’s father did not sign a paternity declaration, our Carpinteria family law attorneys can guide you through the paternity process which involves legally establishing who a child’s father is.

    Carpinteria Family Law Attorneys for Assistance with Spousal Support

    For couples navigating a divorce, financial challenges and changes are some of the biggest concerns. Fortunately, an experienced family law attorney is knowledgeable about spousal support in California and can help with associated issues.

    Our experienced Carpinteria divorce lawyers can help pursue a solution to your spousal support situation that satisfies your unique needs, regardless of whether you are the payer or recipient. Life is full of challenges, but worrying about your financial situation after a divorce should not be one of them.

    Knowledgeable Child Support Attorneys in Carpinteria

    Raising children is never free. In California, the cost of living can place substantial limitations on where a child can go to school as well as what activities the child can participate in and how the child is fed. In many cases, child support delivers the necessary financial aid that families need to make sure that a child’s needs are satisfied when they are no longer two adults working to keep the same home in a healthy financial condition.

    When it comes to deciding on how much child support is owed, California courts take various factors into consideration including the child’s overall needs like education and health insurance, the income as well as needs of the custodial parent, the parent’s ability to pay support, and the child’s standard of living before the divorce.

    Our Carpinteria family law attorneys make sure to address each cost and requirement necessary to make sure that the financial agreement between you and the child’s parent addresses all important details. Our child support agreements make sure to sufficiently address each issue so you and your children need not worry about your financial well-being.

    Experienced Child Custody Lawyer in Carpinteria

    When couples navigating a divorce do not have children, the details of how children spend their time proceeding through the situation can become a contentious issue.

    Our Carpinteria family law attorneys prioritize the best interests of your children to make sure that their lives are fully enjoyed as reflected by various factors including the continuation of a stable lifestyle, the child’s mental and physical health, religious and cultural considerations, what school the child will attend, whether the child has any special needs, and whether the child participates in extracurricular activities.

    If there are multiple children, the siblings whose custody is impacted will be evaluated in custody hearings too. When a child’s wishes can be considered, our Carpinteria family law attorneys will combine the critical details to pursue the best possible solution for families.

    Compassionate Domestic Violence Attorney in Carpinteria

    Domestic violence has the potential to destroy family bonds. While domestic violence can involve multiple occurrences, even one incident can lead to substantial damage for everyone involved. Domestic violence can involve spouses, couples about to be married, children, or other family members. What constitutes domestic violence in California includes a wide range of actions, which include:

    • Disturbing the peace or destroying someone’s property
    • Harassing or stalking someone
    • Intentionally or recklessly harming or causing someone
    • Sexually assaulting someone
    • Threatening or promising to harm someone

    At Land Legal Group, our attorneys want to make sure that our clients and their families remain safe from any harm that someone else might try to cause emotionally, physically, or sexually. If you are interested in pursuing a restraining order against the person who has harmed you, our lawyers can help you obtain an order faster and support you in escaping a potentially deadly situation.

    At Land Legal Group, our family law attorney in Carpinteria, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

    Why the Assistance of a Family Law Attorney Is Often Critical

    The answer to whether you need the assistance of a family law attorney depends on a variety of factors. Many people decide to pursue marriage without an attorney, but a lawyer can help you create a prenuptial agreement. Lawyers routinely help people with divorce.

    Our lawyers help a large number of people with issues associated with divorce like child support, spousal support, and child custody. We also help many people with the modification or adjustment of existing family law court orders.

    Contact Our Carpinteria Family Law Attorney Today For a Consultation

    At Land Legal Group, our Carpinteria family law attorneys understand that each case is important, which is why we do everything possible to make sure cases are resolved in the best possible manner.

    Our lawyers focus on keeping your goals at the forefront of each legal strategy. Contact our law office today to schedule a case evaluation and so we can begin fighting for the results you deserve.

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