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Paternity Lawyer Los Angeles, California

Establishing paternity in Los Angeles can be as easy as contacting a Los Angeles Paternity Attorney at Land Legal Group. At our law firm we have extensive experience working with our clients to determine the paternity of their children.

Our Los Angeles family law attorneys at Land Legal Group understand that not everyone runs from being a father, and sometimes they even seek paternity tests to ensure they are providing for their child properly. Unfortunately, fathers who would like to prove their paternity of a child, in order to have a relationship with them, are far less common than those who are looking to get out of paying child support. Our law firm’s Los Angeles Paternity lawyers know that some men simply need a push from the mother or family of a child to take a paternity test, and begin taking financial responsibility for them. Our skilled and compassionate Los Angeles Paternity attorneys know that this process is a delicate one, and requires additional emotional support, which we are more than happy to provide.

Role of a Los Angeles Paternity Attorney

When handling your case, our Los Angeles Paternity firm will provide a free consultation to walk you through the process of establishing paternity, and the resulting obligations of the father once his relationship is proven. No two paternity cases are the same, which is why your Los Angeles Paternity lawyer will provide personal attention to your case, uncovering the special circumstances of your paternity case. Our goal is to provide a fast and fair resolution for your legal needs by locating, testing and holding the paternal father accountable for his child’s well being.

How Does Paternity Work?

Our Los Angeles Paternity law firm will immediately go to work for you as an advocate for proof of paternity, custody guidelines, support conditions and visitation rights as the courts see fit for the non-custodial parent. The process will work in the following phases:

  • Locating the alleged paternal father
  • Testing the alleged paternal father
  • Confirming paternity

Once paternity is confirmed, the child’s overall benefits will be uncovered through:

  • Disclosure of father’s medical records
  • Examining inheritance to assets
  • Eligibility for the father’s social security or death benefits
  • Health insurance coverage through father’s plan
  • Petitioning for child support
  • Tax dependency claims for student financial aid

Partnering with Excellence in the Paternity Law

Our Los Angeles paternity attorneys understand that not all Los Angeles paternity suits require rigid and substantial court appearances to establish accountability, which is why we strategize for each case separately. In some cases, the father is rightfully able to establish his interest in visitation rights, challenging adoptions or even gaining custody of the children as a result of proven paternity. Our Los Angeles paternity lawyers will work with each party to determine what is best for the child once paternity is established through the court of law.

We move forward with the child’s well being at the forefront of our minds and pursue additional cases in family court to provide the best life possible for the child in question.

Land Legal Group, our law firm in Los Angeles, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

Give Your Child the Best Life Possible by Establishing Paternity Today

No matter your reasons for wanting to determine paternity, it is our Los Angeles Paternity lawyers goal to provide the best outcome for our clients and their children. Allow the experienced, dedicated and compassionate Los Angeles paternity attorneys at Land Legal Group walk you through the paternity law process.

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