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    Navigating a divorce is one of the most emotionally-challenging events in many people’s lives. Choosing to end a marriage and drastically change your life, particularly when children are involved, is a big decision. The Ventura divorce attorneys at Land Legal Group focus on doing everything possible to make these times easier for you and your children. At Land Legal Group, our lawyers focus on listening to you and resolving any legal challenges you might encounter as well as answering any questions you have as soon as possible. We make sure to perform a detailed evaluation of your situation and advise you about your legal rights.

    Our goal is to make choices that protect your legal rights and are in the best interests of you as well as your loved ones. Our legal team understands the rest of your life doesn’t stop just because you’re getting divorce. We focus on learning as much as possible about you as a person so we can create unique legal strategies to help guide you through this time so you do not end up with any regrets. Change might be inevitable, but the anxiety and uneasiness that you feel about these times does not have to be overwhelming.

    Our skilled legal team works tirelessly to help people navigating the divorce process manage the difficult issues that frequently accompany the process including financial stress, fear, and uncertainty.

    Reasons to Select Our Ventura Divorce Lawyers

    At Land Legal Group, some of the factors that we believe make our lawyers stand out from the rest include:

    • Experience and knowledge meeting a wide range of client needs
    • Forging long-term relationships with clients, resulting in higher client satisfaction
    • Keeping up to date with various family law rules and regulations
    • Relying on measures to keep divorce out of cost and low cost, when possible
    • Utilizing a collaborative technique to address complex legal issues

    Divorce Laws in California

    In the case of most California divorces, you will file for divorce in the county where you reside. In these situations, you must make sure to follow California residency rules. These regulations state that to file for divorce in California, a person must have resided in the state for the last six months and the county where you file for divorce for the preceding three months. If you and your spouse have already separated and now reside in different counties, you can file divorce in either the county where you or your spouse live.

    If you do not satisfy California residency requirements to file for divorce, it’s still possible to file for legal separation. California is classified as a community property state, which is designed to make sure that both assets and debts that spouses accrue while married are equally owned by both of them. This means the division of assets during divorce is focused on dividing assets in half. The property division process includes three phases:

    • Deciding whether the asset is marital or separate
    • Agreeing on the value of the asset
    • Determining how to best divide the property

    It’s common for couples to disagree on various elements of a divorce including child custody or property division. Consequently, many of the solutions used to resolve a divorce are not straightforward. The aftermath and repercussions of issues resolved during divorce can end up having a noticeable impact on your life for years and decades to come. Our Ventura divorce attorneys can make sure that various aspects of divorce are resolved for you and your children in the best possible manner, which includes:

    Regardless of the facts involved in your divorce, one of the best things that you can do is to promptly speak with an experienced Ventura lawyer. Our attorneys can help with each element of your divorce, even the most nuanced ones.

    Why You Might Need a Lawyer for Your California Divorce

    Divorces in California can bring up a variety of complex issues including divorces with high-value assets, disputed child custody terms, or disagreements over spousal maintenance. One of the best ways to weather a California divorce is to obtain a divorce attorney. The lawyer can help negotiate the terms of your settlement with your soon to be former spouse and their lawyer. Instead of spending the majority of time completing paperwork or visiting the courthouse, you can continue living your life, going to work, and spending time with your family. You can rest assured that our experienced Ventura divorce lawyers will remain dedicated to making sure that your divorce resolves in the best possible manner.

    While an attorney can help with your divorce case, you might not need one if you have a simple divorce. If you and your spouse can work together and agree on the principal matters of your divorce, you might create an agreement between yourselves that will then be approved by a California judge. If you believe that it will be more challenging to obtain a fair divorce, however, you should not hesitate to obtain a divorce lawyer. Also, if your spouse retains a divorce lawyer, it’s likely you will need one too.

    If you’re uncertain, you should still speak with a California lawyer. During a case evaluation, a Ventura divorce lawyer can discuss what type of resolution you will need, what steps you can best take to protect your assets, whether you will qualify for child or spousal support, and how you can begin your case. You should also understand that issues that arise during a divorce can quickly overwhelm your life and that a divorce attorney can help you resolve these matters.

    At Land Legal Group, our family law firm in Ventura, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

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    At Land Legal Group, our Ventura divorce attorneys have substantial experience helping people navigate California divorces. We understand how trying these times can be for families and do everything we can to make the situation as easy to undergo as possible. If you are debating going through or have already started the divorce process, do not hesitate to contact our family law attorneys today to schedule a case evaluation.

    We represent clients throughout Ventura and the surrounding area. While striving to cost-effectively resolve family law disputes, our Ventura family lawyers are also not afraid to proceed to court if necessary. Don’t wait, contact Land Legal Group today by calling (805) 696-2160.

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