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    At the Land Legal Group, our family law attorneys in Oxnard know that when fathers have a falling out with their kids’ mothers, obtaining custody or visitation of their children can be incredibly challenging in California. This is especially true for fathers who were never married to the mother of their children, or who are not listed on the birth certificate.

    If this is true for you, maintaining contact with your children may become increasingly difficult after a breakup with the mother, as the first thing you must do to enforce your rights is establish paternity of your children.

    Our Ventura County paternity lawyers can help you pursue the best relationship possible with your kids by first orchestrating a DNA test, establishing you are the dad, and developing a parenting plan that will allow you to be an important part of their lives.

    How Can I Establish the Paternity of My Children in California?

    At the Land Legal Group, our paternity attorneys in Oxnard know that before we can help you pursue a permanent relationship with your children, we must first scientifically establish you are their dad.

    This requires scheduling a proper DNA test with a reputable lab. We will manage the contact with your children’s mother, to ensure she presents the children for testing, so the results are compared accurately and professionally.

    Once paternity is established, we will explain your obligations as a parent, and how you can pursue a legal remedy to solidify your existence in your kids’ lives. To be fair, our Oxnard family law attorneys represent both mothers and fathers throughout California who want what is best for their children. Establishing paternity is a great start.

    After I Establish Paternity, What Rights Do I Have as a Father in California?

    At the Land Legal Group, our Oxnard family law attorneys handle all aspects of our clients’ cases from start to finish. This means when we help fathers establish paternity, we also help them enforce their rights as a dad.

    That may include enforcing:

    • Child custody, visitation, travel, and parenting plans.
    • Decisions regarding the children’s upbringing, childcare, and other important decisions.
    • Rights to vacations, holidays, and school break blocks of time.
    • Relocation decisions.
    • Blocking adoptions by another party, including those in subsequent marriages.

    It is important to our Oxnard fathers’ rights attorneys that our clients understand they have the same rights to their children as the other parent.

    What If I Am a Mother Seeking to Establish Paternity of My Children in California?

    Our Oxnard paternity law firm will immediately go to work for you as an advocate for proof of paternity, custody guidelines, support conditions, and visitation rights as the courts see fit for the non-custodial parent.

    The process will work in the following phases:

    • Locating the alleged paternal father.
    • Testing the alleged paternal father.
    • Confirming paternity.

    Once paternity is confirmed, the child’s overall benefits will be uncovered through:

    • Disclosure of the father’s medical records.
    • Examining inheritance to assets.
    • Eligibility for the father’s social security or death benefits.
    • Health insurance coverage through father’s plan.
    • Petitioning for child support.
    • Tax dependency claims for student financial aid.

    The California family courts encourage both parents to actively participate in the lives of their children. We can help get you there by establishing your overall legal needs and outlining a customized strategy that places your kids’ best interests first.

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    Whether you are the mother or father of children in California, we can help you establish paternity, and pursue your complete participation in the children’s lives, starting with a free case assessment by calling (805) 696-2160 or contacting us online. No matter which parent you are, you deserve to enforce your rights, and help your children thrive. We can help.

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