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    Family Law Attorney in Westlake Village, California

    Family issues are some of the most emotionally challenging situations through which most people must proceed. Whether it’s a divorce or paternity issue, you understandably want things to resolve in the best possible manner.

    To make sure that your case reaches the best conclusion, it can help substantially to obtain the assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

    At Land Legal Group, our family law attorney in Westlake Village, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

    Divorce Lawyers in Westlake Village

    In the state of California, individuals can obtain a divorce in several ways. Our attorneys have substantial experience with all types of divorces, ranging from “simple” divorces where the couple has little to no assets to high-asset cases that involve complex custody and support issues. In each divorce case, our lawyers focus on reaching an end that satisfies our client’s goal. We also strive to reach divorce in as cost and time-efficient a manner as possible.

    First, “summary dissolution” is an option available when parties have been married for five years or less. This option is also only available if a couple does not have real property or children. The couple must meet other criteria as well.

    A second way to end a marriage in California are “uncontested” dissolution acts. In these actions, parties reach an agreement before a divorce case is filed. The parties then initiate a “Marital Separation Agreement” before filing to end the marriage. Lastly, if the parties do not have an agreement before filing for divorce, the two spouses must file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage.

    A couple need not file any documents to “separate” in Westlake Village, but it’s generally a good idea to do so. The term, “date of separation” is used in California cases to refer to spouses who are treated as separated if they intend to live apart forever and do something to display this intent. Spouses in California are also able to file “Legal separation” petitions if they are in having a family law court enter orders for spousal support or child custody.

    Our lawyers are also skilled at navigating divorce mediation, as well as pursuing divorce in a court of law. If an action for divorce or separation is filed, a court clerk will issue a summons. Several “automatic” restraining orders are effective when a case is filed and effective on the other party when they are served. Restraining orders of this kind state that neither party can leave the state with minor children or perform other prohibited actions.

    Westlake Divorce Cases Involving Substantial Assets

    In cases where parties navigating a divorce have substantial assets, extra care should be taken to make sure that the case is appropriately handled. In these “high asset” divorces, there are substantial financial repercussions if a case is improperly handled. There is a method to creating a discovery plan that maximizes the information to be obtained through the use of suitable discovery mechanisms like depositions and subpoenas. If discovery is not performed adequately, parties can be substantially disempowered to obtain the information that they need.

    Alimony and Spousal Support in Westlake Divorces

    When parties are married and later separate, it’s common for issues like alimony and spousal support to arise. These terms stand for a relationship where one spouse pays money on a monthly basis to the other spouse to meet this spouse’s needs. The issue of alimony and spousal support is often contentious as the spouse receiving the alimony wants as much as possible.

    Westlake Village Child Custody Attorney

    When child custody issues are brought up, our attorneys focus on providing our clients with thorough advice to navigate these issues. Various kinds of child custody, as well as visitation issues, can be raised in California divorce or paternity cases. Different types of child custody and visitation cases can be addressed by California family law courts including legal and physical custody.

    Our attorneys have also represented a large number of cases in which one parent with the child wants to move a significant distance away from the other parent. These cases are often challenging to navigate, but our lawyers have helped many clients navigate these situations and obtain the best possible result.

    Child Support Issues in Westlake Village

    California courts rely on a variety of factors in deciding the amount of child support that is owed including both parent’s income, deductions, and the time that each parent spends with the child. While child support is sometimes easy to calculate, other times child support is much more difficult to determine. In some situations, what factors should be used to determine child support is not agreeable between parties and a judge must make findings to enter an order for support.

    Westlake Village Domestic Abuse Lawyers

    Our attorneys have years of experience obtaining and defending domestic violence restraining orders. If necessary, our lawyers can pursue evidentiary hearings in family court to obtain these orders.

    California’s Domestic Violence Prevent Act includes statutes that address how the state can issue restraining orders. Restraining orders typically must show that a reasonable likelihood of future abuse exists. After this is shown, courts issue a 20-25 day restraining order and establish a further hearing. The other party is then entitled to notice of the hearing and has a right to an evidentiary hearing.

    If a court decides to enter a restraining order, a person can end up facing significant repercussions that can impact various aspects of that individual’s life including housing, employment, the ability to obtain a firearm, how much spousal support is paid, and child custody.

    Contact Our Westlake Village Family Law Lawyers Today For a Consultation

    At Land Legal Group, our lawyers focus on providing clients with the best representation possible. We know that family issues are often overwhelming, which is why we focus on doing everything possible to address your case.

    We also often strive to conclude matters as quickly and efficiently as possible so you can continue your life with as little interruption as possible. Contact our law office today to schedule a case evaluation, during which time one of our attorneys will explain your available options.

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