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    Prenuptial Agreement Lawyers Los Angeles, CA

    The state of California, Los Angeles included, has some of the oldest and toughest divorce penalties in the nation, which is why a specialized prenuptial agreement is necessary in even the most agreeable and understanding marital circumstances.

    The Los Angeles prenuptial agreement attorneys at Land Legal Group understand that all marriages start out excitingly new, and that the splitting of assets and financial viability may not be the first order of business when heading to the altar.

    Unfortunately, in the case of a split, California is unique in its dictates and can leave one party in a compromising financial position without our help in drafting a prenuptial agreement. Because of our arcane laws, a standard drafted prenuptial agreement may not cover the intricacies of each party in a marriage.

    Los Angeles prenuptial agreement attorney Joseph Land knows exactly which questions to ask each party, and how to outline an iron clad contract between the two of you to ensure everyone’s comfort, should “’til death do you part” be an overstatement of your commitment.

    Prenuptial Agreement

    Experienced and Accomplished Los Angeles Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys

    Our Los Angeles prenuptial agreement attorneys are experienced and accomplished in establishing exceptional prenuptial agreement arrangements that allow each party to feel comfortable heading into their vows. We provide consultations and understand that no two marriages are alike, so we pay personal attention to the specifics of your case; never delivering a template approach to such a delicate document.

    Your Los Angeles prenuptial agreement lawyer will provide an honest approach to assessing your financial position while insuring that each segment of your marriage is covered in the prenuptial agreement. No stone will go unturned, and no detail will be left to an arbitrator. We will handle each potential claim to the letter of the law, insuring you are covered completely before saying “I do.”

    Composition of a Prenuptial Agreement

    The costly consequences of forgoing a prenuptial agreement in Los Angeles can be devastating when a couple splits. The Los Angeles prenuptial agreement lawyers at Land Legal Group are seasoned in divorce law, and knows exactly how to compose a prenuptial agreement to ensure our clients are protected at all times.

    Although the composition of a prenuptial agreement varies for each party for whom we draft a contract, some of the standard components include:

    • Assets, including Homes, Property, Stocks & Retirement Funds
    • Business Interests & Ownership
    • Children from a Previous Marriage
    • Disparate Debt
    • Disparate Wealth
    • Elderly Parents in Your Care
    • Inheritance
    • Potential Increase in Income based on Talent or Intelligence
    • Pursuing Degrees in Lucrative Professions (i.e., Medicine, etc.) 

    Delivering a Personal Approach to the Prenuptial Agreement

    Our Los Angeles prenuptial agreement attorneys understand the California divorce codes, and provides exceptional continuing education to the lawyers in our law firm to ensure our credentials remain exemplary.  In that vein, we are able to remove the anxiety from the prenuptial agreement process, including any resistance from the other party.

    We work with our clients to provide an honest and fair approach to protecting their assets, and the things they have worked so hard for to date. In our estimation, it is their right to hang onto their possessions and their integrity should a divorce befall their relationship.

    We will provide an evaluation of each party’s financial status, including assets, debts, possessions, and circumstances, to ensure that each object or fund is disclosed and protected by the party to which it is issued. Our Los Angeles prenuptial agreement attorneys know how hard California laws can appear when considering marriage. Do not let them stop you from spending what is presumably the rest of your life with someone. We can help ensure your financial protection and integrity going forward, so you can love without worry.

    At Land Legal Group, our family law firm in Los Angeles, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

    Call Los Angeles Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer Today to Fortify Your Financial Integrity

    The Los Angeles prenuptial agreement attorneys at Land Legal Group want you to focus on your wedding day, not your assets, and allowing us to draft a confident prenuptial agreement does exactly that.

    Contact our Los Angeles family law attorneys today at 310-552-3500 to find out how we can protect your hard-earned assets through a proficient and abiding prenuptial agreement so you can say “I do” with confidence.

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