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    While statistics show more and more couples — millennials especially — are open to prenuptial agreements and are comfortable initiating their involvement in wedding planning, there is also a stigma that remains with the topic. Prenuptial agreements, by reputation, may be difficult to discuss, simply because of the negative connotation most associated with their existence.

    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles, California prenuptial agreement attorney provides more than comprehensive legal documents for our engaged clients. If you are interested in pursuing a prenuptial agreement, our Los Angeles County, family law attorney has a few tips for effectively communicating those plans with your partner.

    When It Comes To Los Angeles Prenuptial Agreements, Timing Is Everything

    If you are ready to discuss prenuptial agreement plans with your soon-to-be spouse, timing is incredibly important.

    Make time to have an open discussion when the two of you have plenty of time to talk about the subject. This means you are both at home, or alone in a comfortable location, and have nowhere to go soon. Do not broach the subject before your fiancé is heading out of the house, or when you are in a hurry to get to an event.

    Prenuptial agreements require a focused approach to ensure your intentions are clear, and that your partner has the opportunity to ask questions and get answers.

    Plan The Conversation Ahead of Time To Avoid Emotional Collisions

    Clarifying your goals for creating a prenuptial agreement will help you plan the conversation with your partner, and help avoid emotional responses (from both sides).

    Create a clear delivery that outlines why you believe a prenuptial agreement will be beneficial to you both. Is it to protect your family’s wealth? Do you have student debt that you do not want to become a burden on the other (or vice versa)? Do you have a business you want to protect?

    There are many reasons to create a prenuptial agreement, and each of them is unique to the couple designing the document. Make sure your partner knows your exact reasons, and be respectful in your delivery.

    It is normal to be nervous when discussing legal agreements. In fact, it is expected. However, it is important that both parties control their emotions during the discussion to ensure constructive questions and responses prevail. If things start to get heated, take a break.

    Avoid A “Sign It or Else” Approach When Discussing Prenuptial Agreements

    It is incredibly important to discuss a prenuptial agreement before presenting it to your fiancé, especially if you have never even mentioned the idea of a prenup before.

    When couples talk about prenuptial agreements, it is a strengthening exercise that allows each person to understand the absolute financial standing of the other. It does not mean you are planning for a divorce.

    However, if you surprise your soon-to-be spouse with the document, and create an ultimatum for signing it or ending the engagement, things are going to go very poorly.

    Marriages rely on trustful communication to succeed. And when you are withholding your thoughts and ideas about the marriage from your fiancé by creating a prenuptial agreement in privates/he may feel betrayed by the suggestion.

    Be open with your fiancé, and be prepared to have more than one conversation about prenuptial agreements. This is not a now or never topic, but one that can be discussed thoroughly, so each person is confident in the document’s existence.

    If you have questions about this or other legal documents that relate to your marriage, contact our prenuptial agreement attorney in Los Angeles at the Land Legal Group today by calling (310)552-3500 to schedule a initial consultation.

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