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    Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer Los Angeles, CA

    At the Land Legal Group, our grandparents’ rights lawyer in Los Angeles focuses on providing grandparents the accomplished legal representation they need to remain part of their grandchildren’s lives after a divorce or detrimental situations are placing the children’s livelihoods in jeopardy.

    Divorce, neglect or harmful living conditions can place children in a difficult situation where it is impossible for them to thrive without grandparents’ rights there to protect them. Our Los Angeles grandparents’ rights attorney helps both the kids and their grandparents maintain their special bond. We will take their legal grandparents’ rights one step further to ensure they are deemed a priority solution during custodial issues with child’s biological parents, should they become incapable of providing the caring home and conditions they require and deserve.

    Los Angeles grandparents’ rights may seem complicated when the circumstances first present themselves, but the courts absolutely recognize the committed and loving relationships grandparents have with their grandchildren and appreciate the protective care grandparents’ rights afford minors.

    Our family law attorney in Los Angeles will provide the guidance you need to achieve the best outcome for your unique family law circumstances, so the child’s best interests are placed first, and your rights as a grandparent are protected during each step of the process.

    Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer Los Angeles

    Do You Need a Los Angeles Grandparents’ Rights Attorneys?

    Partnering with a Los Angeles grandparents’ rights lawyer at Land Legal Group begins with a consultation so we can explain grandparents’ rights to each party. All you want is to provide love, support, and protection for the grandchildren you love so dearly, and we are committed to helping you do so. Our objective is to provide a speedy and fair resolution in grandparents’ rights cases, so you can get back to doing what you do best; loving your precious grandchildren and providing them a good home.

    What are Grandparents Rights?

    Grandparents’ rights can include, but are not limited to:

    • Assurance that the custodial home is free from abuse, drugs, and neglect
    • Insurance that the child is being properly cared for by the custodial parent
    • Scheduled contact through phone calls, emails, letters, etc.
    • Updated pictures and information regarding the child’s well being
    • Vacation travel
    • Visitation rights

    Grandparents are considered any mother or father of the biological parent of a child, even if that parent is not involved in the child’s life. Even if your son or daughter is not actively involved in the life of their child, that does not mean that you do not have the right to be.

    Our Commitment to Extended Families

    Land Legal Group in Los Angeles is interested in what is best for the child in question, and after decades of family law experience, it is clear that grandparents play an integral role in the health and prosperity of their grandchildren.

    Grandparents’ rights are not restricted to divorced families, or those operating with a single parent; they can be upheld when neither parent is fit for raising a child properly. If there is drug use, abuse, neglect or extenuating circumstances that require a second look at the custodial rights of the parents, grandparents’ rights allow them to be first in line to care for the child.

    At Land Legal Group, our law firm in Los Angeles, CA also focuses on the following practice areas:

    Finding the Right Grandparents’ Rights Lawyer in Los Angeles

    Enforcing grandparents’ rights may seem daunting and be portrayed as an uphill battle, but our Los Angeles grandparents’ rights law firm will work with grandparents to ensure that their rights are being upheld. Our Los Angeles grandparents’ rights attorneys want to deliver the best care, comfort, and growth opportunities for all children, and enforcing grandparents’ rights is, in some circumstances, the only way to ensure proper care.

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