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    Trusted Children’s Law Attorney in Oxnard, California

    At the Land Legal Group, our Oxnard family law attorneys represent parents and families throughout California who have found themselves dealing with the significant challenges posed by children’s law issues.

    Children’s law, by definition, is the legal focus on the well-being and guardianship of children. These cases may include, but are not limited to, a wide range of topics from dependency cases and foster care to adoption and surrogacy.

    While most are unfamiliar with these types of legal matters, our Ventura County children’s law attorneys know that if you find yourself inside a courtroom for these cases, it is often because you have been accused of wrongdoing where your children are concerned.

    Our experienced California family law attorneys help our clients understand how every word they say during these investigations can be used against them going forward. In fact, it is common for parental statements to be taken — and repeated in reports — out of context or with the state using its narrative to ensure they are justified in removing children from their homes.

    We will fight for your rights as parents, so you can keep your family where they belong: With you.

    Why Am I Being Reported to Child Protective Services in California?

    If you have been reported to the California Department of Social Services (DSS) or Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), it is because another adult — a teacher, coach, doctor, or therapist — believes your child or children are victims of, or at risk of, abuse, neglect, exploitation, or parental absence.

    When the report is made, a DSS or DCFS worker will schedule a meeting with you and your family, and investigate the claims — and your home — to determine whether the complaint has any merit.

    This is when you should contact a highly qualified Oxnard children’s law attorney to ensure you can provide the best protection for your family during this process. If the investigator determines that the child is unsafe in the home, they can seek to have the child removed and made a dependent of the court. This is a profoundly serious matter that must be defended from the start, because once your kids are placed inside the system, getting them back is a significant challenge — even with an attorney by your side.

    The best approach is a proactive one. Our trusted children’s lawyers in Ventura County can help.

    What Happens if DSS or DCFS Decides to Remove My Children From Our Home?

    If your children are removed from your home, the parent or parents must be given a hearing before a court. It is imperative that you immediately involve an Oxnard family law attorney from the Land Legal Group to ensure that you have a skilled attorney by your side for the initial court date and throughout the legal process.

    This is because the California child dependency court has the authority to:

    • Remove a child from the home.
    • Place the child in foster care.
    • Send the child to live with relatives.
    • Terminate parental rights.
    • Establish new parental rights.
    • Visitation Rights as appointed by the court.
    • Return a child to their parent’s home.

    Attorney accompaniment is vital to the judge’s decision to keep the children in protective custody or return them to your home. Let us help tell your side of the story.

    What Happens If I Am Being Falsely Accused of Hurting My Children?

    While it is something no one could ever think would happen to them, false allegations of child abuse are not unheard-of during California divorce and child custody disputes. In other cases, interfering neighbors, other parents, or family members can make inaccurate assumptions about what is going on inside your home, which may lead to phone calls or reports to DSS or DCFS placing your parenting abilities in question.

    If this has happened to you, contact our skilled Oxnard children’s law attorneys right away to ensure your rights — and those of your children — are protected immediately from false allegations. This is a very hurtful and confusing experience for any parent to go through. You should not be subjected to these allegations without the ability to properly defend yourself.

    We can help.

    What Other Types of California Children’s Law Cases Does the Land Legal Group Handle?

    At the Land Legal Group, our Oxnard children’s law attorneys represent clients from all walks of life in California, including those who are fighting to ensure their kids stay in their homes where they belong.

    We also represent California residents in:

    • Adoption through foster care.
    • Emergency foster care.
    • Foster care placement.
    • Obtaining certification to be a foster parent.
    • Open or closed adoption.
    • Semi-traditional adoption.
    • Traditional adoption.

    Contact the Children’s Law Attorneys in Oxnard, California at the Land Legal Group

    No one wants to think about the prospect of losing their children. If you have been accused of harming your children in any way or subjecting them to dangerous circumstances that require interference from DSS or DCFS, contact our experienced Oxnard family law attorneys for help today by calling (805) 696-2160. We have extensive experience in California children’s law and can help you fight for your kids from the start by accurately dispelling any accusations of wrongdoing, or help you reclaim your parental rights after your children have been removed.

    You do not have to endure this legal journey alone. Contact our compassionate Oxnard children’s law attorneys today for help.

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