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    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys know when California parents get divorced, their children provide the foundation for their futures.

    Whether parents can amicably agree on parenting plans and child custody agreements, or if they are prepared to take their arguments inside the courtroom and battle for custody rights during litigation, three important child custody statutes will apply to each of their cases.

    Both Parents are Equally Entitled to Custody of Their Children

    California Family Code 3010 states both legal parents of a child are equally entitled to spend time raising their children. Simply by being the legal parents of children, both are equally entitled to the custody of the child, unless circumstances make it clear that this would put the children in danger.

    All Child Custody Decisions Will Be Made in the Children’s Best Interests

    California Family Code 3011 states all decisions regarding child custody will be made with attention to the best interests of the children, including maintaining the children’s health, safety, welfare, and the nature and amount of contact with each parent.

    Children Have the Fundamental Right to Be Safe and Free From Abuse

    California Family Code 3020 clearly states that children have the fundamental right to be safe and free from abuse. With this legislation in mind, all legal decisions regarding child welfare will revolve around keeping the kids safe and away from dangerous situations or circumstances.

    Under California Family Code 3020, any household where a child experiences abuse or witnesses domestic violence is not considered a safe place for the child.

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    You do not have to fear the unknown or believe what your spouse says about how much time you will get to spend with your children after your divorce. We will outline your complete legal rights and options, so you can make informed decisions about your future.

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