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    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys know that when couples share minor children, there are endless details they must consider when dissolving their marriages.

    Since divorce is never easy, even under the most amicable circumstances, determining child custody is one of the most difficult agreements most parents have to come to.

    Once parents agree on — or have a judge decide — who has primary or shared custody of their children, the next essential step is to agree on a parenting plan in case of emergencies, changes in either one of the parent’s lives, or situations where schedules are altered.

    Here is what Los Angeles, California parents need to know about creating a parenting plan that includes critical issues that arise while raising kids of all ages.

    What Details Should Be Included in a California Parenting Plan?

    Even when divorced parents have a good relationship and openly communicate, the best way to prevent parenting issues is to ensure a proper plan is in place, so everyone knows how to proceed when life gets in the way of planned visitation and custody matters.

    California parenting plans should include:

    • Schedules, including weekdays and weekends
    • Summer, winter, and spring break schedules
    • Holidays, vacations, and birthdays
    • Overnight stays
    • Transportation, including car and booster seat requirements
    • Childcare
    • Neutral drop-off locations
    • Curfews
    • Discipline methods
    • Sleeping arrangements
    • Religious practices
    • Homework and other scholastic responsibilities
    • Extracurricular activities and parent involvement
    • Healthcare, including doctor appointments and vaccinations
    • Internet and screentime use
    • Cellphone access
    • Parent-child communication during off days
    • Third-party visitation with extended family members
    • Rules for meeting new dating partners
    • Legal and physical custody decisions
    • Post-judgment modifications

    The sooner both parents can work out the details of their California parenting plan, the faster they and their children can transition into their new lives with fewer misunderstandings and clearer plans on what to do when changes arise.

    Do You Need Help Outlining Child Custody Details and Parenting Plans? We Can Help.

    If you are seeking a divorce in California and would like to understand how the courts view custody agreements and parenting plan details, contact our skilled family law attorneys in Los Angeles County at the Land Legal Group today at (310) 552-3500 to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique needs to learn how we can help.



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