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    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles, California divorce attorney knows that not all marriage dissolutions lead to lengthy, contentious courtroom battles.

    Some couples can able to agree that divorce is the best course of action to allow each person to move forward with their lives separately, and with the best intentions, they begin designing a marital settlement privately.

    Even when couples have prenuptial agreements, it is important to consult with a Los Angeles County family law attorney to ensure your rights are protected, and that the final divorce settlement is legally satisfying.

    While discussing the terms of the agreement with your spouse — and absolutely before signing anything — it is important that you have your own divorce attorney review the contract.

    Here’s why.

    Reason One: Verifying Assets and Debts

    When couples seek to handle their own divorce settlements, it is usually because they want to keep their personal lives private and maintain full control over the outcome.

    Some are simply trusting that all financial information is disclosed in the agreement — especially if one spouse has had no control of the marriage’s finances in the past.

    Financial surprises can be life-changing, especially when they could have been identified before signing the contract.

    Allowing an accomplished divorce attorney to review your divorce settlement before it is signed will ensure that all marital assets and debts are listed — and that nothing has been intentionally or unintentionally overlooked.

    Reason Two: Identifying Potential Pitfalls

    Even with the best intentions at the forefront of your divorce settlement, there are many things you simply do not know about divorce, and how the details will affect your future.

    For instance, your financial agreement may unknowingly become a tax liability. You may need to address upcoming college costs for your children. If you have young children, details regarding where they spend their holidays and vacations may be assumed, and not outlined. These details matter and our knowledgeable family law attorney will ensure no aspect of your divorce, spousal support, child custody, or child support requirements are overlooked, so you are not caught off guard going forward.

    Reason Three: Understanding Your Legal Rights

    Even if you and your spouse believe you are in complete agreement about the details of your divorce, there is the potential to overlook exactly how the terms will legally affect your future.

    Our experienced Los Angeles divorce attorney will ensure you understand the small print of the agreement, so you have the opportunity to modify any section you see fit before signing.

    You have the right to ask questions, and modify the details of the agreement – more than once, if you see fit – before signing it. We want to make sure you understand your complete position during a divorce, so you can begin the next phase of your life enjoying the best outcome available for your unique circumstances.

    How Can The Land Legal Group Help Protect My Rights During A Divorce?

    Our committed Los Angeles family law attorney, Joseph Land, provides clear direction and focus for our clients, so they understand that no matter how amicable their divorce may be, it is important that you look out for yourself — now and going forward.

    Whether you have just begun the divorce conversation, or are currently outlining the details of your dissolution, contact our Los Angeles divorce attorney at the Land Legal Group today at (310) 552-3500 to schedule a consultation, and ensure your rights are protected, down to the very last detail.

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