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    Our experienced Los Angeles family law attorneys at the Land Legal Group have watched closely as divorce and child custody trends have shifted over the past decade.

    While there are still high-conflict divorces that unfold through litigation and those that can be handled swiftly and privately through mediation, millennials are changing the marital landscape by embracing prenuptial agreements before they say I do.

    Here is why that is a promising idea for any California couple, no matter their ages.

    Keep What You Have Worked So Hard to Acquire: Your Independence

    Prenuptial agreements were once a taboo topic. The idea that someone you love would ask you to sign a contract stating, “Here is what you get when we get divorced” seemed harsh and, to some, unacceptable.

    Now, as couples are getting married later, they are aware of their worth, both financial and emotional, and their debts and would like to keep their independence even after they get married.

    Whether they own real estate, have invested in stock options and retirement plans, own cars, or businesses they want to ensure they retain possession of the assets they have worked hard to acquire.

    Couples today also understand what it took to gain their independence, which could mean a graduate school that racked up a substantial amount of student loans or credit card debt for one or both. And neither wants to assume the other’s debt simply because they are getting married.

    Prenuptial agreements address that financial component too.

    Couples in 2021 Know All About Divorce and Want to Protect Themselves

    Generally speaking, and by no means a rule of thumb, many millennials come from divorced families, so they understand how the process works and what one or both spouses are giving up at the end of the relationship.

    This typically means they want to do everything possible to ensure a smooth separation in the event of a divorce, which a prenuptial agreement can help facilitate.

    Prenuptial agreements are also popular for business owners who want to keep their company separate from the marital property, and for those who have been married before, and want to keep what they have acquired this time around.

    While the value of a prenuptial agreement exists for all soon-to-be-married couples, and the details can be decided in private, they are still complex legal documents that should be drafted by an experienced divorce attorney. We can help.

    Our dedicated team of Los Angeles divorce attorneys knows how the court will interpret key terms of prenuptial agreements and will structure the contract to afford our clients the greatest protection possible.

    Contact Our Los Angeles Prenuptial Agreement Attorneys at the Land Legal Group Today

    If you planning a wedding and would like to add a prenuptial agreement to your list of things to do or simply have questions about how the process works contact our skilled family law attorneys in Los Angeles County at the Land Legal Group today at 310-552-3500 to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique needs.

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