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    Couples with children who make the difficult decision to divorce have a very long road ahead of them. No matter how old the children are, confusion, sadness, and stress are all part of splitting time between both parents and living in two different households.

    Remember how important it is for children to have both parents in their lives and follow these tips to maintain a healthy relationship with your ex-spouse, so your children can thrive.

    Begin a New Relationship with Your Ex-Partner

    Your previous relationship with your ex is over, and depending on how it ended, that may not be the easiest pill to swallow. The fact remains, the past has to be exactly that — in the past.

    Co-parenting is not a contest. It is a combined approach to providing the best life for your child and promoting the incredible fortune of having both parents equally participating in their lives.

    Cooperating parents must focus on teamwork and flexibility to ensure their kids are getting the best of both worlds. Respectful communication and accountability will go a long way in nurturing a steady co-parenting relationship.

    When both parents are dedicated to their children, their new relationship with each other can be productive, compassionate, and successful for everyone involved.

    Shared Technology: Apps That Can Help with Co-Parenting

    Co-parenting is no easy task. Patience, respect, and compromise will go a long way in raising healthy children who enjoy spending time with both of their parents. Technology has come a long way in assisting with both personal and professional lives, and co-parenting is no exception.

    The following free apps will allow both you and your child’s other parent to coordinate using shared technology, so everyone is on the same page regarding schedules, expenses, and communication.

    AppClose allows parents to share calendars, events, appointments, and contact information so everyone can see what is happening in the upcoming days, weeks, and months and plan accordingly. The app also has a real-time messaging feature and the ability to list and track expenses, and request reimbursement when applicable.

    Cozi allows both parents to share their calendars directly within the app and has the added features of sharing to-do lists, shopping lists, meal plans, and a family journal. The journal helps record notes and observances from each parent’s time with the child, so everything that happens at the other’s house is communicated effectively.

    Parents: You Are in This Together

    Divorce is hard, and positive communication after the split can be even harder. Just know that the two of you are in this together for a very important reason: Your children. Living apart, shuttling the kids to and from, and the scheduling necessary to make it all come together is going to require both parents to focus on its success.

    It is important to do everything you can to ensure your kids’ new life is flourishing. Never try and sabotage an appointment or event to be the parenting hero. And never deliberately hold the other parent to impossible standards. Keep in mind, your kids are always watching, listening, and feeding on anxiety or stress that you are communicating. Be fair. Be respectful. Be positive.

    If you are in a co-parenting relationship that is not living up to the divorce, child custody, or child support agreement that was reached by the in Los Angeles, California family court, contact our experienced Los Angeles family law attorney at the Land Legal Group at (310) 552-3500 to discuss your circumstances today, and allow our firm to seek positive solutions on your behalf. 

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