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    Social media is a life-changing platform that has created a worldly way to share images, stories, and personal updates with friends and family members who live both down the street and across the globe.

    With 2.7 billion people using Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Messenger, including your soon to be ex-spouse, his or her family members, and friends, posting any personal information online may openly invite scrutiny — even if you are posting about anything but your divorce proceedings.

    Social media has a one-sided effect, where the reader can infer anything they would like from your posts, even if they are completely innocent. And, the larger truth is, more than two-thirds of divorce attorneys throughout the nation are using social networking evidence during court proceedings to strengthen their cases.

    At the Land Legal Group, our divorce attorneys in Los Angeles, California have tips for avoiding social media pitfalls that can jeopardize the outcome of your family law case. 

    Tip #1:  Avoid Posting Emotional Outbursts

    Divorce is very difficult, and emotions can run high while navigating the dissolution process. Avoid taking to social media to express your emotional state, and steer clear of talking about your spouse — in any capacity — including financial issues, unfaithfulness, or child custody and support issues.

    While you and your spouse may no longer have a direct connection on social media, mutual friends and relatives may have access to your account and can share that information directly with your ex and their attorney.

    Tip #2: Avoid Posting Images of Celebrations or Drinking

    You are an adult, and should certainly be able to attend a party or have a drink with friends whenever you choose. The problem is, when you are going through a divorce, scrutiny is only seconds away from the moment you hit the post button. When your ex’s friends or family members have the opportunity to inspect your social newsfeed and find you with a glass of wine or other alcoholic beverage in hand, the accusations — unwarranted as they may be — begin. Where are the children? Are you drinking and driving? Even when you can disprove any wrongdoing, the mere appearance of irresponsible or dangerous behavior can hurt you inside and outside the courtroom.

    Tip #3: Avoid Sharing Your Location

    Checking in at restaurants, entertainment venues, or vacation getaways may seem like a fun way to share your life with friends and family — especially when divorce has you down. Unfortunately, if you are currently in a legal dispute over spousal support or child support, and post expensive getaways or outings, you may be strengthening your ex’s case in asking for increased financial resources. It can also hurt your chances of getting shared custody of your children, depending on the circumstances of the evidence found on your feed.

    Consider All Aspects of Your California Divorce Before Posting To Social Media

    Even if you are posting what is seemingly the most innocent picture of yourself or your children enjoying an afternoon in your backyard — free from alcohol or dangerous circumstances — there is always a way to find fault in what is happening in the background. It is simply the nature of our 24/7, scrutiny-filled times. Do not leave your social media accounts to chance. The best way to avoid being tagged in uncertain photos, or opening yourself up to suspicious eyes, is by disabling your accounts. You will get your life back and will be able to reconnect after your family law matters are closed. But for now, protecting your privacy is paramount to your case’s success.

    If you have questions about your current online status, and how it can affect your case, contact our divorce lawyers in Los Angeles County at the Land Legal Group to schedule a initial consultation by calling 310-552-3500 today.


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