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    At The Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles family law attorneys know that, especially here in LA, divorces are highly publicized events. With online news, social media, and other outlets speculating wildly about the personal lives of celebrities, politicians, and other public figures, the details of these divorces are difficult to escape.

    While most California divorces are not dissected during each day’s news cycle, we understand that it can often feel that way. With your soon-to-be-ex-spouse, family members, friends, coworkers, and social acquaintances watching your every personal, professional, and parenting move — in-person and online — during this difficult time, it is easy to feel vulnerable, and even judged.

    This is why public divorces can teach us valuable lessons about our legal journeys, even if our names do not appear in the headlines.

    Getting Married is Not an Emergency

    While it seems celebrities can easily jump from one relationship to another, getting married on a whim, it is important to understand that tying the knot is something to be taken seriously. This is especially true in the current climate of online dating, where people are seemingly meeting the person of their dreams, having a whirlwind romance, and quickly getting married, only to find out the other person is far from who they said they were.

    To be safe, and sure of who you are planning to spend your time with, take the time to get to know your partner before making what is intended to be a lifelong decision.

    Respect Your Spouse By Being Honest

    All marriages take a committed approach to creating a true partnership. That can mean something different for each marriage. However, the one thing all spouses should be committed to is being honest and avoiding emotional affairs and physical infidelity.

    While public officials and celebrity affairs can easily fall into the spotlight, one of the most common reasons for divorce in the U.S. for everyone else is still cheating. Infidelity can cause irreparable damage to the respect and trust a relationship once had, removing the essentials for a healthy and lasting marriage.

    Parents Must Put Their Kids First During a California Divorce

    Divorce is a difficult time for anyone who must endure the physical, emotional, and legal process. Unfortunately, when parents are focused on bringing their marriage to an end, it is easy to overlook how the kids are impacted by the dissolution.

    Children are easily confused, sad, and unsure of what a divorce will bring to their lives going forward. And while most parents are not celebrities who sling accusations about the other’s parenting shortcomings, it happens — just not in the headlines.

    When California parents are navigating the divorce process, it is important to set the right example from the start. Effective co-parenting begins with positive communication. We know it is not always easy but imagine that each conversation you have with your spouse is being overheard by your children.

    If they were standing right in front of you, would you say the same thing?

    If you have questions about divorce and what it means to your future, contact our team of skilled Los Angeles family law attorneys at the Land Legal Group by calling (310) 552-3500 today. We can help you understand the next steps of the legal process, so you can move forward with confidence.

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