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    Navigating a California Divorce After a Marital Affair

    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys know that when an affair leads to the end of a marriage, emotions can run very high. These emotions can range from devastation and anger to sadness and severe anxiety.

    Our California family law attorneys also know that it is increasingly difficult to make informed decisions about your divorce when you are emotionally overwhelmed. That is why we are here.

    There are several next steps you can take after an affair, including speaking with a skilled divorce attorney in Los Angeles County, so you know what your divorce will look like, should that be your preferred route moving forward.

    Taking the Next Step After a Marital Affair in California

    It is important to note that not all affairs end in divorce. Some spouses can work through the physical, emotional, and psychological issues that got them to this point on their own, or by participating in marital counseling sessions.

    Whether the couple chooses to legally separate during this time is a deeply personal decision.

    Depending on the growth that occurs during this challenging time, the separation may lead to reconciliation or divorce proceedings.

    If you and your spouse cannot reconcile, or simply do not want to, but are unwilling to further prolong your divorce proceedings by going to court, you may outline the details of your marriage dissolution in private through your Los Angeles divorce lawyers. If you need help guiding the conversation, which is not uncommon when infidelity has impacted a marriage, you may outline your dissolution details through mediation.

    If you have children and are unable to develop a visitation and child custody agreement in private, the California family court will require both parents to attend mediation and attempt to arrange an agreement before their case will be heard inside the courtroom.

    We can help with each step of the divorce process and recommend — at the very least — that you have an experienced family law attorney in Los Angeles review any agreement before you sign it, to ensure your rights are protected.

    What Happens If I Am So Angry Over the Affair, I Refuse to Compromise During the Divorce Proceedings?

    It is not uncommon for spouses who have been cheated on to seek nothing short of revenge during their divorce proceedings. In these cases, private talks, attorney negotiations, and mediation sessions all typically come up empty. This means they want to go to court, and fight.

    We can help in these cases, too. One of our strengths as leading divorce attorneys in Los Angeles is communicating family laws to our clients, so they understand what they are entitled to during a divorce — no matter how it ends. This provides the perspective they need to make informed decisions, and — even if only for a while — put their anger aside to accomplish their goals.

    Since California is a no-fault divorce state, the judge will not be swayed by your divorce being caused by infidelity. Instead, it is our job to provide the legal knowledge, experience, skills, and resources that allow our clients to understand their overall rights and options to pursue the best outcome. That is what we provide. We know you are hurt, and that you want your spouse to feel the same type of pain you are experiencing. However, there are smarter ways to get what you want out of your divorce, and we can help you get there faster.

    Contact our skilled Los Angeles divorce attorneys at the Land Legal Group today at (310) 552-3500  to schedule a free consultation to discuss your unique needs and learn how we can help.

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