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    At the Land Legal Group, our divorce and child custody attorneys in Los Angeles know that our

    California family courts focus all their efforts on keeping both parents involved in their children’s lives once their marriage is dissolved.

    That is because nearly every study available backs up the importance of both parents having equal parenting time, so their relationships with their kids remain an impactful part of their lives.

    In California, parents can create child custody arrangements on their own or with the help of an attorney — without the court’s involvement because it is believed they know what is best for their children.

    However, just because they can construct these agreements on their own does not mean all departing spouses will. When they cannot, and the California family courts must decide for you, they are going to work hard to ensure your parenting time is equitable.

    Here are several tips to making equal parenting time work.

    Tip #1: Place the Kids First

    Parenting time has nothing to do with you or your soon-to-be-ex-spouse.

    Child custody arrangements should focus solely on what is best for the children.

    Focus on their complete needs, and how important it is for both parents to be involved in their religious upbringing (when applicable), education, sports, and social lives, so they can live a stress-free life knowing they are not the topic of arguments and meltdowns.

    Keep in mind, to put your kids first, you may need to reevaluate your current lifestyle and make some changes, so you can be there when they need you. It is going to be difficult for both parents to carry ALL the parenting load separately, so this is the time for both of you to shine together.

    Tip #2: Make Concessions and Be Cooperative

    Now that each of you is on your own, there are two sets of circumstances to deal with realistically. When one parent must travel for work, the other should step up and alter their visitation schedule without a fight.

    This is easier said than done of course, but keep in mind you may also have an emergency that cannot be avoided, so working through scheduling issues will allow each parent to maximize their time with the children.

    Tip #3: Communicate Openly with the Other Parent

    As divorce attorneys, we know there may be a lot of hard feelings at the start of a divorce — and even after it is finalized.

    When this is the case, and it is just too hard to talk to one another in person or over the phone, look to parenting apps, email, and other non-aggressive forms of communication that will allow you both to effectively parent without letting negative comments, arguments, or grudges get in the way.

    If you are pursuing a divorce in California and have questions about how child custody arrangements unfold, contact our skilled family law attorneys in Los Angeles County at the Land Legal Group today at (310) 552-3500 to schedule a consultation to discuss your unique needs.

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