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    What are the Most Common Financial Mistakes During Divorce In Los Angeles?

    No matter how ready you are to move on, divorce is a physically, emotionally, and financially draining experience for many reasons. Even if there are no children involved, eliminating child

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    What is the Difference Between An Annulment and Divorce In California?

    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys understand how difficult dissolving a marriage can be, whether you have been married for six months, six years, or even

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    Studies Show Infidelity as a Leading Cause of Divorce in California

    According to recent studies, infidelity or extramarital affairs are responsible for 59.6% of divorces throughout the United States. While California spouses do not have to prove that the other spouse

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    Is There a Waiting Period to File for Divorce in California?

    Education, career, opportunity, family, and friends can all influence our journeys and inspire us to move from one state to another, even multiple times throughout our lives. When significant changes

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    My Spouse Just Asked for a Divorce: What Do I Do Now?

    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles, California divorce attorneys have represented many people who were surprised by the announcement that their spouse wanted a divorce. Unfortunately, when people

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    Can I Change Attorneys in the Middle of My California Divorce?

    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles, California family law attorneys understand the frustrating circumstances that can evolve throughout the process of ending a marriage. Whether you fully agreed to

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