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    Is there a Right Time to Get Divorced in California?

    At the Land Legal Group, our experienced Los Angeles divorce attorneys understand that there are many reasons people pursue a divorce, and they are unique to each of our client’s marriages.

    While some spouses have clear cut boundaries for what types of actions qualify for divorce — like adultery or criminal activity — for others, there comes a time when the partnership is no longer viable for varying reasons, and divorce is the unavoidable next step.

    A recent divorce survey revealed that 37% of survey respondents stated they had been considering divorce for two years or more. Another 16% stated they had been thinking about it for more than a year. Others responded to the unrest in their marriages by filing for divorce in fewer than six months from the time of the incident.

    What’s clear is, there may be no “right” time to get divorced, as there are many factors to consider when dissolving a marriage that can prolong the decision-making process — especially when couples share minor children.

    If you are considering divorce, and are planning for the next steps, here are a few tips to get started in the right direction, so you do not have to traverse the legal responsibility of filing for divorce on your own.

    Partner With an Experienced Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles.

    Getting divorced in California is going to mean something different for everyone, and partnering with a skilled Los Angeles divorce attorney will provide the guidance you need to make informed decisions about your future.

    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles divorce lawyer will answer all of your questions about your unique needs and strategically outline each detail of your divorce, so we can begin shouldering some of the stress you are feeling about proceeding with the process.

    Divorce is a life-changing endeavor and will require a partnership with a skilled attorney, so you have someone on your side, protecting your rights, and pursuing your best interests from the moment you decide it is time to part ways with your spouse.

    As our Los Angeles divorce attorneys devise the framework of your case to include all applicable factors like property, asset and debt division, spousal support, child custody, and child support, you can focus on managing your physical and emotional well-being while we handle the details that will set the stage for your new life.

    Establish an Ongoing Support Network to Encourage Positivity

    No matter whose decision it was to get divorced, each spouse is going to be thrust into change, which may be hard to adjust to initially.

    Building an ongoing support group, whether it is friends, family, professional therapists, or group engagement, will allow you to cope with the ongoing efforts of ending your marriage.

    The more positive influences you have, supporting your decision to move forward in a new direction, the better you will feel about each of your decisions and how you plan to move forward after the divorce is finalized.

    Divorces take time, so it is important to remain confident in your partnership with your attorney and your support group, so you have a team that is encouraging you to look forward to your new life during each step of the process.

    Domestic Violence Requires Swift Action for Spouses Seeking Divorce

    When your pursuit of divorce is the result of emotional or physical abuse, the right time to get out of marriage is always right now.

    At the Land Legal Group, we understand that domestic violence circumstances require immediate and ongoing plans for protection for both the spouse and any children in the home.

    If your marriage includes any type of abuse, seek help from the National Domestic Violence Hotline or research local resources provided by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Services Domestic Violence support services and speak with a divorce attorney immediately to understand how we can provide the legal guidance necessary to move forward.

    Our experienced divorce attorneys in Los Angeles will review your unique circumstances to pursue the best outcome for your case, so you can begin your new life safe from harm.

    If you are considering divorce, or have questions about how divorce will affect your rights to child custody, certain property, or financial support going forward, contact our Los Angeles family law attorneys today at (310)552-3500 to get the answers to your most pressing questions, so you can make informed decisions about moving forward with the process.

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