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    Navigating a California Divorce from a Dishonest Spouse

    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles family law attorneys know all California divorces are unique. This means that each spouse is dealing with a special set of circumstances and family dynamics that only applies to their legal case.

    We also know the divorce process becomes even more of a challenge when one spouse is dishonest.

    Everyone lies occasionally, but typically when they do, it is a conscious decision. Others may lie compulsively, out of habit, without thought, control, or specific intent. A pathological liar lies for a purpose. Often, that purpose is to win.

    When dealing with a dishonest spouse, it is difficult to know what he or she is going to say next, especially if things are not going their way. This can make the entire divorce process conflict-ridden. In some cases, the more lies the other spouse is willing to tell, the quicker the other wants to settle the details of the divorce — just to get away from the circumstances.

    This is a mistake. Do not let your spouse’s behavior force you into a settlement agreement that is contrary to your best interests. Here are a few tips to protect your future.

    Develop a Legal Strategy that Protects What is Important to You

    Talk to our Los Angeles divorce attorney about what is important to you during the dissolution. Whether it is your children, property, business, or other important details, the crucial points of your divorce must be at the forefront of your case.

    This is possible by establishing the facts of your case when you:

    • Secure Important Evidence

    If you are divorcing a dishonest person, he or she will probably lie about everything related to the divorce, so they can get what they want. You and your divorce lawyer can counter their stance by procuring witness testimony, financial records, medical records, or other crucial information that supports your case. The less wiggle room for your spouse to manipulate the narrative, the better.

    • Record the Details of Your Interactions

    One thing a manipulative spouse is good at is saying things like, “I never say that” or “You said…” This will extend to behaviors, accusations, and untruths about how your marital circumstances unfolded. To avoid being gaslighted, write down the details of your interactions, so you can keep the record straight going forward.

    • Do Not Take Their Lies Personally

    Our Los Angeles family law attorneys have represented clients throughout California for decades, and have seen every type of divorce imaginable, so we know this tip is easier said than done: Do not take their lies personally.

    Excessive lying is often nothing more than poor coping skills. In other cases, lying is tied to significant emotional and mental challenges. This often means their lying has nothing to do with you. It is part of their makeup and will continue long after your divorce is finalized.

    • Do Not Give In

    The one thing your soon-to-be-ex-spouse wants is for you to let him or her win. This is a typical narcissistic approach to getting what they want. Do not provide the vindication he or she is seeking. Instead, find support from family members, friends, or a mental health specialist, and allow our skilled Los Angeles divorce attorneys to develop a legal strategy that produces real results for your unique case.

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    If you have questions about divorce, especially if you know your spouse is going to make the process difficult because of their dishonesty, contact our team of skilled family law attorneys at the Land Legal Group by calling (310) 552-3500 today.

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