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    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles family law attorneys have successfully represented hundreds of individuals and families during California divorce and child custody cases spanning dozens of combined decades.

    We fully understand there are countless details couples with and without children face when they are going through a California divorce, and we are here to help each prepare for the best possible outcomes, whether they unfold during negotiations, mediation sessions, or trials.

    The one thing we have found from our experience is that most of our clients are terrified of the unknown. We are here to help ensure that you have the legal representation, skills, knowledge, and resources to make informed decisions about your unique case.

    Part of that begins with honestly telling your attorney everything about your family dynamics from the start of your partnership — even if your spouse is not doing the same. This will allow us to start the negotiation process with the tools we need to build your case for success from the start, so we can effectively and efficiently put this divorce.

    The bigger question is, how do you prepare when your divorce and child custody case goes before a California family law judge? We have a few tips.

    Understand How Your Appearance and Behavior Impact Courtroom Divorce Proceedings

    Courtroom Divorce Proceedings

    The impression you give at your divorce hearings will impact your case during the hearing and potentially for years to come.

    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys prepare our clients thoroughly before they step in front of a judge, so that together we are pursuing the best outcome.

    Our role in your divorce proceedings is to:

    • Collect and present all the necessary evidence to strengthen your case.

    This may include presenting the judge with a strong opening statement, strategically designed parenting plan and schedule, character reference letters (when appropriate), expert witness testimonies (when necessary), financial outlines, and other pertinent details that support your case from top to bottom.

    No matter how simple or complex your case may be, we will be ready — leaving no detail to chance. Part of being fully prepared for a divorce and child custody hearing means you are prepared, too.

    Your role in your divorce proceedings is to:

    • Dress professionally.
    • Do not bring your children.
    • Never discuss your case inside the courthouse, as you do not know who is listening.
    • Never interrupt your attorney, your spouse’s counsel, or the judge.
    • Trust our professional judgment and experience, which includes allowing us to do the talking, unless the judge asks you to speak on the matter at hand. Then we recommend you take your time speaking and show respect to everyone — including your soon-to-be-ex-spouse.

    We understand the emotional nature of attending a divorce and child custody hearing, which is why our clients trust us with their cases. It is our job, and our duty, to serve you. Our law firm is designed to provide the family law representation our clients need to be (and feel) fully prepared for anything that comes their way. That is what we offer: Complete peace of mind.

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