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    The night that I was served papers was not a night I would like to replay
    again. I was in between jobs, just getting out of school and my income
    was not steady yet. I didn’t know what to do so I immediately went to
    google and typed in LegalMatch.com. I went through the steps and
    seconds after I pushed the submit button Mr. Land was calling me. He was
    so empathetic of my situation and as the conversation went on I felt more
    at ease. Mr. Land is well spoken and very professional but has a sharp
    edge that lawyers need. He knows how to negotiate in a custody court
    setting with so much fines. The other lawyer doesn’t realize what is
    happening until it is too late. I guess him coming from a family of lawyers
    and growing up in the culture it has helped him a great deal. Mr. Joseph
    Land is young yes, but he has an honesty about him and a drive and
    hunger for justice. He stands out in a crowd of all the other lawyers in his
    field. I would definitely recommend him. Thank you for everything Mr.

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