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    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys know that most California parents are doing the best they can to navigate their marriage dissolution while ensuring their kids are safe, loved, and supported.

    Since divorce is one of the most challenging life events any person — adult or child — will endure, it is important to limit the mental and emotional toll it takes on everyone involved.

    Our Los Angeles County child custody attorneys believe that co-parenting classes can help California parents effectively improve both their personal post-divorce relationships and those that they have with their kids.

    Here are some of the benefits co-parenting classes bring to families across California.

    Understanding the Benefits of Co-Parenting Courses in California

    In California, many divorcing or separating parents with children under 18 must complete a parenting class and create a parenting plan that places their kids’ best interests first.

    While most family courts only require parents to take a single course, or a set of courses, they are valuable in teaching parents about the most common pitfalls parents make and how to overcome obstacles and lessen stress.

    Why Divorcing Parents Should Consider Co-Parenting Classes in California

    California co-parenting classes are not designed to judge parents or manipulate their parenting styles.

    They are research-based courses that are developed to teach divorced parents how to communicate, reduce tension in their relationships, and help their children feel loved and accepted.

    The overall benefits of co-parenting classes include, but are not limited to:

    • Reducing stress divorced parents and their children feel
    • Reducing conflict between divorced parents
    • Increased involvement from both parents
    • Reducing the chances that children will feel the need to choose between parents
    • Creating a workable parenting plan for both parents to follow

    Co-parenting courses help parents to see the importance of putting the needs of their children first to see them through an otherwise difficult divorce using a united front.

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