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    Our Los Angeles family law attorneys at the Land Legal Group know that some California divorces are more amicable than others. When couples with children divorce on good terms, they can have healthy conversations about how their new lives move forward, and what the bigger picture of moving on means to their shared children.

    Part of moving on often includes meeting someone new. As a co-parent, it is completely understandable that you would want to know — or even have a verbal or written agreement in place — about when your kids are going to meet the other parent’s new partner.

    For some, this may be as simple as agreeing that “Neither of us introduces the kids to a new partner unless the other has parent met them first.” For others, this is simply not an option. Whether the divorce was highly contested, or if you know your ex-spouse is going to lose control when they hear of a new partner — and/or the kids meeting him/her/they — introductions can be tough to navigate.

    The bottom line is, whether the relationship is new, established, or the origin of the divorce, unless there is a court order prohibiting your ex-spouse/partner from exposing the children to a romantic interest, there is little you can do.

    Do I Have a Say in Who My Kids Interact With?

    California parents have the right to know where their children are and who they are spending time with. Unfortunately, when parents cannot agree on new partner introduction protocols, they often learn from the kids that they met the new person during their last child custody exchange.

    For some, this does not go over well, which can lead to conflict.

    While it is true that children need time to process a divorce, to adjust to multiple households, changing lifestyles, and visitations, when your ex-spouse/partner has parenting time with the kids, they can do with it as they may.

    You may, however, have a viable argument to keep the kids away from the new partner if you have clear and convincing evidence that the new partner:

    • Poses a risk to your children’s emotional or physical health.
    • Threatens to impair your children’s emotional development.
    • Has a history of abuse, excessive alcohol or drug consumption, or criminal activity.

    If none of these dangers are true, both parents must find a way to work together to ensure the kids enjoy a healthy relationship with both of their parents, and any potential partners they bring into the relationship.

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    If you believe your child is in danger because of the other parent’s new partner, or their environment, contact our team of skilled family law attorneys in Los Angeles at the Land Legal Group by calling (310) 552-3500 today to discuss your legal rights and options to modify your custody agreement to ensure they are safe.

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