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    Can My Ex-Spouse Really Take Our Kids from Me?

    At the Land Legal Group, our Los Angeles divorce attorneys regularly meet with clients who are terrified their soon-to-be or already ex-spouse is going to take their children away. Why?

    Because that is one of the most common threats people make during or after a divorce.

    While both parents know the importance of each party being involved in their kids’ lives, sometimes the sheer animosity of the split can cause spouses no matter where they are in the divorce process to say the one thing that is going to hurt the other most: I will take the kids away from you.

    Our Los Angeles child custody attorneys are here to help those who are being intimidated by the other parent that these threats are just that threats. You do not have to be afraid of the unknown. Nor should you believe that you are going to lose your kids in the divorce. We can help provide the legal knowledge and resources you need to identify these empty threats for what they are.

    Here is how.

    The California Family Court Wants to Protect the Best Interest of the Children

    Our California family court system operates under the principle that divorcing parents should work together to pursue their children’s best interests.

    That means, threatening to take the kids from one parent requires an ironclad rationale and the evidence to back it up that the other parent is not fit to have the children on his or her own.

    Often, these threats are made to the primary caregiver, to pressure him or her to give in to other divorce requests, whether it has to do with property, child support, or spousal support. They are rarely made to actually take the children. They are simply made to bully the other parent into giving them what they want.

    The reality is, the primary caregiver has been trusted to take care of these children for years, which makes it incredibly difficult to suddenly state he or she is unfit for the role now.

    While these threats are unrealistic, they should be addressed with the help of an experienced family law attorney to help allay your fears and outline an actual parenting plan that will allow both parents to remain involved in the children’s lives. We can help provide the strength, knowledge, and support you need to face your divorce and child custody case with confidence.

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